The Importance of Quality HVAC in Assisted Living Facilities

The Importance of Quality HVAC in Assisted Living Facilities

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Commercial HVAC systems for assisted living facilities in Atlanta, GA must provide healthy air and comfortable heating and cooling. These systems, along with humidity controls and other air quality equipment, create a hospitable and healing environment for patients and residents. Why is this important? These populations have a greater dependency on HVAC and indoor air quality. 

Estes Commercial works with Atlanta area healthcare customers to accomplish safe and healthy indoor environments through heating and cooling system use. We review how to maintain consistent performance, improve the quality of indoor air and reduce the amount of airborne respiratory triggers through proper HVAC systems. Also, discover how these steps ultimately save expenses for the facility.

Consistent Commercial HVAC Systems for Hospitals and Living Facilities are Important

With numerous patients and residents housed in an assisted living facility, there can’t be an outage with the commercial HVAC system. A lack of heating or cooling during periods of extreme outdoor temperatures creates an emergency situation in patient care.

Even in milder temperatures, a commercial HVAC system outage has the potential to result in great discomfort and dissatisfaction among patients and residents.

Estes Commercial provides comprehensive services covering all the needs of a commercial HVAC system.

Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance services keep commercial HVAC systems running at optimal performance and efficiency levels. Estes Commercial works with your facility to design a maintenance plan that meets the needs of your commercial comfort systems.

We perform thorough preventative maintenance on all heating, cooling and indoor air quality equipment. Regular maintenance reduces breakdown risks, extends system longevity, and improves performance and efficiency.

Commercial HVAC Repairs

When commercial heating and cooling systems break down, Estes Commercial gets equipment back on-line fast. We know you can’t risk a lengthy outage. We provide emergency commercial HVAC repair service and tend to the issue right away.

Commercial HVAC System Replacement

When it’s time to upgrade commercial HVAC system, Estes Commercial works with you to select the equipment you need at a price that fits your budget. First, our professional commercial HVAC technicians accurately calculate the HVAC needs for your property. Second, they ensure new systems are adequately sized for your space. Third, they correctly install all equipment to ensure proper performance.

Indoor Air Quality & Commercial HVAC Systems for Hospitals and Living Facilities

Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is a top concern in assisted living facilities throughout Atlanta. Commercial HVAC for assisted living facilities use indoor air quality equipment to eliminate contaminants and create a cleaner indoor environment that promotes good health.

With nursing and assisted living facility populations expected to rise to 27 million Americans by 2050, concern for air quality control in these healthcare environments is growing. Poor indoor air quality has a direct impact on respiratory health, which is the fourth-largest health concern impacting seniors as well as the third-leading cause of death among elderly Americans.

  • People aged 65 and older are at a greater risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Though considered by many to be a childhood disease, asthma is often more harmful to seniors due to insufficient responses and inadequate use of inhalers and other preventive treatments.
  • Elderly patients who suffer allergy symptoms are more difficult to treat, as there is a risk of medication interactions with prescription drugs.

Estes Services offers numerous indoor air quality solutions to improve contaminant control in your assisted living environment:


Ventilation systems work to control impurities and excess humidity while keeping airflow and temperatures consistent. These systems exhaust stale air and replenish your facility with fresh air. Ventilation systems, therefore, improve health and comfort for patients, residents, employees and the entire community.

Air Filtration

In healthcare facilities, it’s crucial to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses to protect the health of vulnerable residents. Allergens within an assisted living facility – such as kitchen exhaust fumes, pet dander, cleaning chemicals and mold – travel through the air. Exposure can cause lung irritations and allergic reactions.

Studies of nursing home indoor air quality and air quality’s impact on older individuals have found that airborne contaminants cause negative health effects among a facility’s population. As the body ages, the ability to manage side effects of poor indoor air quality diminishes.

  • Small airborne particulates cause wheezing, loss of breath and coughing. Fine particulates contribute to heart health problems.
  • Gases in the indoor environment, such as formaldehyde, contribute to increased cases of COPD. Carbon dioxide causes breathlessness among elderly residents.
  • Airborne pollutants were shown to have a poor effect on lung health, even at low levels. Negative effects are more prominent in areas with poor ventilation and insufficient air filtration.
  • Even safe levels of airborne pollutants are connected to increased stroke risk.
  • Long-term exposure to airborne pollutants is linked to cognitive decline in older individuals, which is significantly worse amongst women.

Healthcare environments require a high level of contaminant control for the protection of patients. HEPA air filtration and other air cleaning solutions provide the highest level of contaminant removal. Use high-efficiency filters with commercial HVACs, and ensure they are replaced on a regular basis. 

Humidity Control

Unbalanced indoor humidity levels create discomfort and indoor air quality issues. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers work with the heating and cooling system to deliver balanced relative humidity levels throughout. Balanced humidity levels reduce indoor concentrations of allergens, bacteria, viruses and germs, preventing exposure and the negative health effects that result.

Need Help with Commercial HVAC Units for Hospitals & Living Facilities? Call Estes

Assisted living facilities have crucial needs. These healthcare facilities house vulnerable populations, including the elderly and infirm. Many occupants have compromised immune systems due to medical treatments, which creates unique indoor environmental concerns.

Estes Commercial helps these facilities maximize performance and indoor air quality. Commercial HVACs require the support of an experienced commercial HVAC contractor. These specialized environments critically require unique knowledge only available from a trusted provider of healthcare commercial HVAC services.

We provide free estimates and second opinions. We also offer customizes Maintenance Membership Plans that are tailored to your facility’s unique needs. Let Estes Commercial assist with your commercial HVAC – contact us today.