Top Commercial HVAC System Improvements for Metro Atlanta Businesses

Top Commercial HVAC System Improvements for Metro Atlanta Businesses

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Whether you are the operations or facilities manager for an industrial building, have tenants in a commercial space or own your own business, commercial HVAC impacts you every day. It’s more than simply having heat in the winter and air conditioning the rest of the year.

Commercial HVAC affects safety, energy bills, and productivity, as well as comfort and contentment. Do you have employees who spend a disproportionate amount of time coping with the indoor temperatures?

Even new systems need preventative maintenance to work properly and as efficiently as possible. Let’s review improvements to your commercial HVAC in your building to increase energy efficiency as well as reduce expenses and complaints.

Commercial HVAC Improvement #1 – Thermostat Check

Commercial HVAC, and residential, for that matter, begins with the thermostat. This component assesses the current heating and air situation and sends orders to the central system to comply.

So, if the thermostat malfunctions or is poorly located, your heating and cooling system is given faulty information. In many situations, this creates a temperature and pressure imbalance and a risk of excess wear and tear on your commercial HVAC equipment.

Studies show productivity and accuracy suffers when workplace temperatures are uncomfortable. This includes everything from extra time away from workstations to get a refill of coffee or hot tea to being distracted by how hot or how cold it is and chatting. Do you receive complaints from tenants regarding the uneven temperatures?

One solution is to incorporate a building automation system, or BAS. These systems put the controls with you and have the capacity to monitor and control lighting, heating and air, safety and security systems.

Contact Estes Commercial for a free inspection and estimate for a BAS. Once you have one, you’ll enjoy the benefit of more real-time information, reduced energy expenses and happier tenants or employees. You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Commercial HVAC Improvement #2 – Air Balance

Before it reaches the various rooms of your commercial property, the conditioned or heated air travels through ductwork and out specific vents. Dampers control airflow with reduction in one line and increase in others. Some rooms, such as those with large, south-facing windows, may heat faster than interior offices.

If your commercial property hosts customers, whether the space is too hot or too cold impacts if they choose to spend time in your establishment. Do people leave before initiating a transaction because they’re uncomfortable?

Improve the air balance and consistency with properly-balanced dampers.

Commercial HVAC Improvement #3 – Air Filters

If the filters in your commercial HVAC system are worn out or dirty, your heating and air system works harder to meet the demand. Clogged filters obstruct the airflow which means the HVAC system must push harder to move the air.

Eventually, this prematurely ages the equipment and leaves it vulnerable to more repair needs. Air filters also reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. When filters are dirty, they cannot do this effectively. More contaminants circulate indoors and lower the air quality.

Does it ever seem like employees seem to pass around the same cold or virus for weeks? Airborne virus and bacteria particles can circulate through your commercial HVAC system for months, landing and settling on surfaces over and over.

There are many solutions to this in addition to air filter changes. Estes Commercial has many air purifier options for your review. We’re happy to provide a free estimate for this equipment.

Commercial HVAC Improvement #4 – Refrigerant Check

Air conditioning is possible because of refrigerants. These liquid agents in the coils of a commercial HVAC system help to cool and dehumidify the air inside. If the refrigerant is low, the heat remains in the air and the air conditioning system never satisfies the thermostat demands.

The condenser strains to keep up, as if a runner sprinted for an entire marathon. If your business depends on keeping inventory at a certain temperature, this could be disastrous. If customers leave without making a purchase, it affects your bottom line.

Or, if tenants or employees let you know the air conditioning is lukewarm, call Estes Commercial for an inspection.

Commercial HVAC Improvement #5 – Preventative Maintenance

Many of the issues we’ve covered, such as low refrigerant or uneven air balance are addressed with regular HVAC maintenance. Estes Commercial technicians handle these issues all the time.

During every tune-up, technicians perform thorough inspections. This ensures components perform as designed. Technicians clean, lubricate and test all applicable components. They check belts and tighten if necessary. They test electrical switches and controls.

Our technicians do many things to make sure your commercial HVAC system serves you regardless of the weather.

Conclusion: Commercial HVAC Runs Better with Estes

Estes Commercial helps businesses protect their business operations and equipment, so business continues as usual. Contact us today to learn more about how regular maintenance and additional HVAC and air quality equipment reduces absences, increases tenant retention and more.