Electrician doing a home inspection in metro Atlanta

What Happens During a Home Electrical Inspection?

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Did you know that over 51,000 fires are caused by electricity every year? According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, electrical distribution systems are the third leading cause of home fires. If you have an older home, older wiring, outdated fire, and life systems, and outdated electrical outlets and systems are common causes for electrical fires. That is why it is important to have an electrical inspection performed to help improve the safety of your home.

Estes Services is a proud provider of home electrical inspections in Atlanta, GA. We are here to help keep your home and family safe. If you experience any electrical problems, don't hesitate to call to have one of our experienced electricians inspect your home's electrical system.

When Do You Need A Home Electrical Inspection?

Unlike your HVAC system, you don't need to worry about annual inspections for your electrical system. However, there are some key times when you want to have your electrical system inspected, especially if you live in a home that is 40 years or older:

Before you buy or sell your house

Major home renovations

Adding new appliances

New appliances, although they may use less energy than older appliances, can still put a big strain on your electrical system. If you bought a new appliance recently and your breaker keeps tripping, that's a sign that you should have an electrical inspection performed.

What is Included in a Home Electrical Inspection?

During your home electrical inspection, your experienced electrician will go around your whole house and inspect a variety of potential hazards. If you have any particular issues you'd like your electrician to address, let them know before they begin the inspection. Often an electrical inspection includes:

Makes sure the electrical meter is in working order and has no signs of water intrusion

Checks circuit breakers for proper sizing, and clearance. An electrician will also look for damage from moisture, corrosion, oxidation, or overheating

Verification that arc fault circuit interrupters are working properly

Confirmation of grounding and surge protection systems

Testing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Inspects electrical wiring for fraying, insulation damage, or outdated wiring

Review main electrical panel and breakers for signs of damage, loose connections, or defects

Common Electrical Mistakes Found During Inspections

If you think that since you haven't noticed any specific electrical issues around your home, you don't need an electrical inspection, think again. There are many common little mistakes that electricians find that could be potential fire starters all over your home. Take a look at some of these common electrical mistakes and see if you can fix them yourself, or call Estes Services to have an electrician fix them for you.

Ungrounded outlets: Outlets with only 2 prongs, not 3

Exposed Lightbulbs in closets: exposed lightbulbs can cause fires, especially if near flammable objects like old clothes in a closet.

Wrong Covers on Outdoor Outlets: bubble covers should be used to cover electrical outlets that cover both electrical outlets, not just ones that cover each outlet individually to protect them from moisture.

Unfilled Openings in Electrical Boxes: unused sections of electrical panels should be filled to prevent shocks from escaping the panel, or rodents from entering the panel.

Malfunctioning GFCI: make sure you have outlets with GFCI in rooms where moisture is present like bathrooms and kitchens, and test to make sure the GFCI works.

Schedule Your Electrical Inspection with Estes Today

Having an electrical inspection is a smart idea in certain situations or if you notice the electrical system in your home doesn't work properly. The electrical team at Estes Services can help you keep your home and family safe with a comprehensive electrical inspection.

If we find that your house needs major electrical repairs, we can make them affordable for you with flexible financing options. You don't want to have to put off electrical work in your home because faulty or outdated wiring could cause a fire. Schedule your electrical inspection appointment with the Estes Services team today.