When to Call a Plumber for Help

When to Call a Plumber for Help

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Even If You DIY, Know Your Comfort Zone

Homeowners in Georgia need quality plumbing services, when the job is too big for them to handle. Although it can be tempting to fix your plumbing issues on your own, not every job is simple. Depending on the problem you are experiencing, you might need the specific tools and knowledge of a licensed plumber. Below are two instances when you can DIY your own plumbing repairs, and two more when you should seek help from a plumber.

Projects You Can Handle On Your Own

Case #1 – Fixing a Leaky Faucet: This problem can be an easy fix, depending on your type of faucet. First, know the basics of the faucet and how to disassemble it. Many times, you can find the instructions online or a YouTube tutorial. If the leaky faucet is a slow drip, you may only need to replace a washer. Make sure the replacement washer is the right size before purchasing it.

Case #2 – Caulking Showers and Bathtubs: The trick to this DIY project is to use the right type of caulk. There are different kinds used for various home repairs, like one for sealing off plumbing appliances or another for filling cracks in drywall. Check the label on the caulk, and buy the kind designed for showers and bathtubs. If you are still in doubt, ask someone at the hardware store. Choose a quality caulk, which is easier to use and lasts longer.

When DIY Won’t Cut It…Call a Professional

Attempting a major plumbing project on your own without extensive knowledge can spell disaster for your home plumbing system.

You may encounter several negative outcomes such as personal injury, damage to property, and expensive repairs to correct the problem. Call Estes Services if you are dealing with any of the issues listed below, and let our plumbers handle the bigger issues in your home.

Case #1 – Blocked Pipes: If you are experiencing regular backups, you might have a blocked sewer line. Blocks in sewer lines are typically caused by tree roots, non-flushable items in the line, or sediment buildup. Clearing this type of blockage with chemicals or a rodding machine can damage your sewer line and cost a fortune to repair.

A plumber has the experience and knowledge needed to identify the source of the blockage. Our plumbers at Estes Services will provide a safe solution to clear the blockage and return your plumbing to normal.

A plumber will also notice if anything is broken or punctured in the line. Performing a DIY repair on a blockage in your sewer line can leave you exposed to raw sewage or diseases, and it can also damage your neighbors’ sewer lines.

Case #2 – Burst Pipes: During the winter, frozen water in the line expands and causes your pipes to burst. Any cracks in the pipes will cause flooding to occur and can cost you thousands of dollars in water damage. It’s hard to locate additional pipes affected by a break, if you aren’t a licensed plumber.

An Estes Services plumber will pinpoint the source of a leak and start the water-abatement process. We will also recommend future repairs if flooring, drywall, or the foundation are damaged.

Don’t try to handle the big plumbing jobs on your own. Call Estes Services for plumbing services when you suspect something is wrong. Our plumbers are experienced and skilled to handle any situation, regardless of how severe the problem.