Honest, Affordable Plumbers Atlanta Can Count On!

Estes Services offers comprehensive plumbing services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. As our business was founded in 1949, we have seen every kind of problem a homeowner can have – with that type of experience, we have anything and everything covered for you and your plumbing needs. We offer 100% customer satisfaction, delivered with a tradition of integrity.

Plumbing Maintenance in Atlanta, Georgia

Sometimes all you need is simple maintenance performed for your plumbing system.  Our qualified technicians are able to run a whole house plumbing inspection, testing for any abnormality in your drains, taps and pipes.  With a whole house plumbing inspection, our plumbing specialists are able to:

– Check all fixtures, supply lines and drains
– Examine the sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets and other taps in your home
– Verify your emergency shut-off valves are working properly
– Examine your washing machine hoses
– Inspect your whole-house water filtration system

We are also able to clean your drains annually to prevent blockages in the future.  Checking sewer lines for proper flow from your plumbing is also a regular maintenance item we perform for our customers.

Plumbing Repairs in Atlanta, Georgia

If a plumbing inspection turns up issues to address, our technicians offer solutions for any repair work warranted.  We offer repair services for: Water Heaters, Leaks, Plumbing Fixtures and Water Filtration Systems.

Our certified professionals are able to assist you with any plumbing repairs in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas.  By ensuring that your plumbing is working correctly, which includes efficiently, you will see an improvement on your monthly water bill.

Plumbing Installation in Atlanta, Georgia

Estes Services also offers plumbing installation in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas.  We carry two of the leading brands in the plumbing industry that are known for being top-of-the-line for quality and efficiency.  Water heater installation is a common service we perform. We carry Bradford White and Bosch water heaters, with a range of models to fit your budget and the capacity needs for your home.  Call and talk to one of our professionals today to learn how we can care for your plumbing needs!