Ask a Plumber: Why Does the Drain Smell Funny?

Ask a Plumber: Why Does the Drain Smell Funny?

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From time to time, Atlanta homeowners need a plumber because of an unpleasant smell coming from household drains. The causes and solutions vary. In this article, we discuss some common causes, suggestions, as well as when you need to call a plumber. Remember, if you need help right away, a licensed plumber is available for your plumbing services needs 24/7.

Common Causes of Funky Smells from Drains

Dry P-Trap

This problem is simple and definitely the easiest to fix on your own. A p-trap is the curved part of your pipe under the sink. If you do not use your sink regularly, just turn on the water to run for a minute. This should resolve the smell without a plumber visit.

Sewer Line Issues

If you have sewage smells coming from all the drains in your home, a sewer line issue is a potential problem, especially if your pipes make gurgling sounds, too. If you suspect a sewer line issue, call a plumber immediately. This is a major repair and not acting quickly causes sewage to back up into your home.

Venting Problems

Your plumbing has venting pipes that prevent sewer gas from coming into your home. If these vents become blocked or clogged, there is a chance of the gas backing up into your home. Call a plumber for diagnosis and repair if you suspect you have a venting problem in your home’s plumbing.


Food, hair and other gross things cause clogs in your pipes. If bacteria is present in the clogs, they often smell bad. There are some ways to unclog drains yourself. If you are unsuccessful, or you just do not want to attempt it, calling a plumber is your next step.

Water Problems

If your water has excess sulfates present, you may notice a rotten egg or sulfur smell. If you suspect this is the problem, call a plumber to test and diagnose your smelly water. Your plumber also offers solutions to improve your water’s smell.

Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew are tricky problems. If you have mold and mildew, they usually smell. To fix this problem, you must first diagnose the source of the moisture causing the mold and mildew.

A good place to start is by calling a plumber. He or she has the tools and experience to know where to start looking for leaks. Once a plumber repairs your leak, the mold and mildew must be properly removed as well.

This is to completely remove the smell as well as for the safety of your home and the occupants. Breathing in airborne mold spores triggers allergies, asthma and other illnesses.

Need a Plumber in the Atlanta Area? Call an Estes Plumber for an Icky Smell in Drains

Whether you know the source of your smelly drains or not, Estes’ plumbers are here to help! We are a third-generation-owned company and plumbers have seen it all. Our experience helps us quickly diagnose and repair plumbing problems large and small.

All of our work comes with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee. We not only fix your plumbing problems, we want you to be happy with the complete process. The next time you smell something unpleasant in your pipes, call Estes right away!

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