Avoid Plumbing Problems During Thanksgiving

Avoid Plumbing Problems During Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving plumbing services don’t have to be a nightmare if you properly plan ahead. There are several tips for holiday meal prep, cooking, and clean up that can decrease your chances of a Thanksgiving plumbing disaster. Estes Services is a Thanksgiving plumbing company for residents in and around the Atlanta area. We offer 24/7 plumbing services for any emergency!

  1. Prevent Items that Won’t Break Down from Slipping into the Disposal

Paper and plastic materials are hard to break down if they get inside your disposal. They can easily clog and jam your garbage disposal, keeping it from eliminating holiday cooking waste. Thanksgiving plumbing services can be costly, so make sure you prevent these types of materials from getting inside your disposal or pipes:

  • Paper towels
  • Tea bags
  • Coffee filters
  • Sandwich baggies
  • Turkey and ham bones


  1. Throw Scraps in the Trash

Avoid stuffing your scraps down the garbage disposal. This clogs your drains and pipes, causing a major disaster when you want to relax after feasting so much.  Foods to avoid tossing down the disposal are:

  • Stringy foods
  • Celery
  • Asparagus
  • Corn husks
  • Onion skins
  • Coffee grounds

  1. Avoid Losing Metal Utensils or Tiny Objects Down the Drain

During Thanksgiving, there are several different types of metal objects that are used.  These items can easily become lost down a drain or garbage disposal if not properly monitored during clean up.  Bottle caps and metal can tabs can fall down the drain easily, too.  Thanksgiving plumbing companies are available 24/7 to retrieve whatever might have fallen down your drain, clogging it.  Call Estes Services for your Thanksgiving emergency plumbing needs.

  1. Steer Clear of Grease Escaping into the Drain

The biggest issue from Thanksgiving is all the grease and fat that is left over from cooking.  When the grease or fat isn’t properly disposed of, it can solidify inside your drain and pipes.  Once it has solidified, it can cause a major clog that has to be professionally cleared.

Don’t hesitate to contact local Thanksgiving plumbing companies near you for help this holiday. Here at Estes Services, we offer drain cleanings for any emergency, including Thanksgiving plumbing services! Call us today or anytime 24/7.