Benefits of Building HVAC Automation Controls UPDATED 

Benefits of Building HVAC Automation Controls UPDATED 

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(Updated July 2019) Businesses and commercial properties of all sizes and operations benefit from the energy savings and productivity generated by HVAC automation and controls. HVAC automation continues to evolve and even small moves, such as smart thermostats, impact your bottom line. 

Estes Commercial specializes in building automation systems (BAS), controls and HVAC automation solutions for businesses and commercial buildings. 

In this blog, we’ll review the difference this technology can make for your company, financially and otherwise.

HVAC Automation Benefits

Boosts Energy Savings and Cuts Utility Costs

Heating and cooling facilities account for the largest portion of a business’s energy consumption, 35 percent or more. Refrigeration adds another 10 percent and lighting another 10! With so much of your operating budget tied to utility expenses, HVAC automation is a smart investment to help your business save.

HVAC automation, controls and smart thermostats help your business cut back on energy consumption, which directly cuts costs. Using building automation systems, facility managers schedule heating and cooling use around the needs of the building. Consume energy when needed and conserve when it’s not, based on production or occupancy schedules.

Controls regulate heating and air production based on occupancy, environmental factors and energy-efficiency goals. With high-performance HVAC controls, a facility’s heating and cooling system work consistently and efficiently.

Many commercial customers also use these systems to control a building’s lighting, further managing energy use and controlling costs. Managers also use controls to monitor security cameras and exits as well as pneumatic devices in heating and cooling.

Systems can be programmed to operate around a business’s occupancy or production schedule for increased savings. Building automation systems can be accessed and adjusted remotely for convenience. 

These systems collect data regarding a facility’s energy use and consumption. 

Manage a building you know could use an HVAC upgrade? Use this information to secure approval for system upgrade decisions in the future and to set goals for further energy consumption reduction. Use controls to exercise better management over other HVAC tools, including: 

  • Adjustable speed drives
  • Multi-stage air volume supply fans
  • Energy recovery ventilation
  • Electronically commutated motors.

Better understand your facility’s energy consumption 

Building automation with energy monitoring systems identifies when and how you spend utility dollars. The invaluable data collected by your building automation system helps your business improve energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses. 

You’ll learn it’s losing energy and if heating and cooling equipment consumes excess energy, which may signal a malfunction. HVAC malfunctions often require repairs. Save money when your BAS alerts you before it gets worse or you consume excess energy for a whole billing cycle. 

This and other data shows where improvements can be made to further conserve. Your BAS could notify you of a minor problem early and prevent a major breakdown!

Building Automation Increases Employee Productivity

Building automation and HVAC automation create a more comfortable indoor atmosphere. Comfortable temperatures in the workplace have been shown to improve productivity and reduce errors. 

Comfortably-controlled climates reduce errors and increase focus

HVAC automation improves the overall climate inside your building. It reduces temperature fluctuations and hot or cold spots, providing even temperatures throughout the entire facility. Employees are more precise, focused and productive when they are comfortable. 

According to a study by Cornell University, a thermostat set to 68 degrees increases errors by 44 percent and productivity drops by half, versus a 77 degrees setting.

Reduce absenteeism and the spread of germs

Building automation systems and HVAC automation with indoor air quality equipment, improve the health of your facility, impacting productivity. Reduce germs, viruses, bacteria, and allergens from the air supply with a BAS, HVAC automation and IAQ equipment. 

Limit employee exposure to control the spread of illness and keep allergy symptoms in check. In a healthy environment, productivity rises as employees are less likely to bring illnesses to work, distracting from their performance or spreading it to others. 

Simple HVAC Automation: Smart Thermostats

You may be familiar with “smart” thermostats in your home. Imagine what they can do in a commercial application! Smart thermostats are a newer technology and deliver nearly effortless heating and cooling within a building. 

Programmable thermostats must be manually set around a facility’s schedule. A smart thermostat, after initial programming, “learns” the heating and air needs of a facility and makes adjustments automatically. 

Its sensors detect occupant habits and preferences and monitor environmental factors. Then, it uses this information to adjust heating and cooling systems. This delivers ideal comfort levels under energy efficient operation.

Smart thermostats are a valuable tool for energy savings and protecting heating and air systems. With an app, users access energy consumption data, see usage spikes, and evaluate to further identify consumption reduction measures.

Smart thermostats and controls also monitor the HVAC equipment for maintenance tasks, such as filter changes.

Efficient HVAC Automation systems, Smart Thermostats and More for Your Business

The heating and air industry continues to advance at a rapid pace, leading to new HVAC automation technologies designed to improve energy efficiency and offer enhanced functionality. Harness this heating and air technology in the workplace to improve the performance of your facility, along with the comfort of all indoors.

Curious? Contact Estes Commercial now to learn which HVAC automation solutions can work best with your heating and cooling system to improve results for your facility. We’re happy to assess your needs and provide a comprehensive plan for you.

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