Benefits of Using a Humidifier in the Winter

Benefits of Using a Humidifier in the Winter

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With winter right around the corner, temperatures are falling across the Atlanta area. This time of year, the air can naturally become quite dry, which can cause problems indoors for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, installing a whole home humidifier can alleviate those issues. In our most recent blog, Estes Services shares the benefits of using a humidifier in the winter.

What Does a Whole Home Humidifier Do?

A whole home humidifier is an indoor air quality appliance that is installed to work alongside your home’s heating and cooling system. Humidifier use is most common in the winter due to the natural dryness of the air. Whole home air humidifiers add moisture to the air that circulates through the house using the air conditioning and heating system and ductwork to ensure all areas and living spaces are kept at balanced relative humidity levels for optimal comfort.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier in the Winter

The benefits of using a humidifier in the winter are wide, ranging from solving comfort issues to helping you and your family stay healthy this time of year! When you install a whole home humidification system, you can enjoy the following perks:

1. Humidifiers Help You Feel Warmer Indoors

When the air is dry, the temperature feels cooler. Moisture in the air holds heat close to one’s skin, helping a person feel warmer even when the air temperature is lower than their comfort level. Properly using a humidifier in the winter can help home occupants feel comfortable with less heating system use. Your furnace or heat pump gets a break, the system conserves energy, and your utility bills aren’t as high so you will save money!

2. You Experience Fewer Dry Air Discomforts with Winter Humidifier Use

Winter’s dry air can cause the body to lose the moisture it depends on for healthy skin and lips while keeping nasal passages properly moistened. Extended exposure to cold dry air can cause skin to dry and crack, lips to crack and bleed, and increased nosebleeds from delicate nasal linings. When you run a humidifier to increase indoor moisture levels, your body has more moisture to absorb so you can avoid these discomforts.

3. Humidity Helps You Stay Healthy

When indoor humidity levels are too low, viruses are more effective at spreading from person to person. Raising the indoor moisture levels at home using a humidifier in the winter can help reduce the spread of seasonal colds and viral illnesses among your household. More moisture can also help you feel more comfortable should you happen to fall ill this time of year, reducing nasal congestion symptoms and making breathing easier when suffering from a dry cough or runny nose.

4. Prevent Dry Air Damage with a Humidifier

Winter dry air not only causes our bodies to lose moisture, but it robs wood of its moisture, too. For a home, this can mean wood structural materials, flooring, cabinetry, and even furnishings dry out, become brittle, and break or warp. This can lead to creaky floorboards, doors that don’t shut correctly, and other annoying problems. Properly humidified air can protect your home and furnishings.

Humidifier Installation for Your Atlanta Area Home

The benefits of humidifier use during the cold winter months really make a difference when it comes to cold weather comfort. Estes Services installs whole home humidifier systems for homeowners throughout the Greater Atlanta area. To request an estimate for humidifier installation in your home, please contact us now.