Best Commercial HVAC Upgrades on a Budget for Atlanta (+ Secret Tip)

Best Commercial HVAC Upgrades on a Budget for Atlanta (+ Secret Tip)

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At this point in the year, budgets are locked – funds for unplanned commercial HVAC upgrades must wait until 2020. Budgets aside, the cost of upgrades often pushes business owners to put off these projects until systems break down.

Avoid productivity losses and replacement costs with these affordable tips to improve your commercial HVAC system in Atlanta, GA. We’ll also cover a secret method for investing in your business your competitors may not know about!

Benefits of Commercial HVAC Upgrades

Commercial HVAC upgrades are essential to maximizing system service life. Like regular maintenance, upgrades allow your system to use less energy, which decreases costs in the short and long run. Here are some ways commercial HVAC upgrades benefit your business:

Lower energy bills

As stated, upgrades help your HVAC equipment use less energy. Upgrades ensure your system functions with the most recent technology available. With every iteration of upgrades, there’s a larger emphasis on energy efficiency. It’s fair to assume an upgraded HVAC system is more energy efficient than an older system.

Space heating and cooling consume a giant percentage of energy use in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Your commercial heating and air conditioning energy use impacts more than just your utility expenses.

Keep people happy

Though this detail often falls through the cracks, workers, tenants, or customers in your commercial space appreciate a well-ventilated, temperature-controlled environment. Not only does this increase overall happiness, it also keeps sick time to a minimum.

Commercial HVAC upgrades ensure the air quality stays high, which promotes a healthier environment. Plus, according to a study by Cornell University, happy and comfortable people are more productive and make fewer errors than uncomfortable ones!

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People keep track of which spaces are comfortable to inhabit. If a commercial space is uncomfortable, they remember. Even worse, they have the ability to reach many people through social media or rating sites.

Commercial HVAC upgrades ensure people remember the space because of its merits rather than its poor air quality or indoor climate.

Additionally, consumers are more in touch with which companies abide by energy conservation standards. A green attitude with the help of upgrades speaks volumes to consumers.

Prevent repairs

Finally, with regular upgrades comes fewer repairs and replacements. The best way to keep HVAC costs low is to invest in upgrades throughout its lifespan. This ensures your HVAC system works for as long as possible.

Tips to Stay on Budget with Commercial HVAC Upgrades

Upgrades clearly benefit your commercial HVAC system, but what about the costs? Commercial HVAC upgrades sometimes cost more than your budget allows. With these tips, keep your upgrade costs to a minimum while you reap the rewards of an upgraded system.

Remember maintenance checks

Regular maintenance falls into the category of upgrades because qualified HVAC technicians recognize when a system needs minor repairs or upgrades. If you know what needs an upgrade, next year’s budget planning accurately reflects your business’s HVAC needs.

Make preventive maintenance easy with a commercial HVAC service agreement. HVAC contractors like Estes Commercial customize maintenance agreements to your property’s specific needs.

Variable speed drives

Next, consider variable-speed drives, or VSDs. These offer enhanced control over the speed of system fans. For cooler days, you are able to switch the fan speed to a lower setting. Without VSDs, fans must be turned completely off.

Variable speeds offer greater comfort and energy efficiency. Think of running a marathon. Single-speeds would be like sprinting the marathon or not moving at all. Variable speeds mean you could walk, jog or sprint, depending on the need.

This also means your system starts and stops less often. Fewer starts and stops mean fewer electrical surges from your system.  

More controls

Commercial HVAC upgrades don’t need to be complicated. Simply add occupancy sensors to bring down overall run time. With occupancy sensors, your system turns on only when people are in the space. This means the facility uses less energy, which ultimately lowers operational costs.

Interested in Greater Control? Ask for a Free Estimate of Building Automation Systems

Secret Weapon for Commercial HVAC Upgrades and Replacements

Commercial property and business owners should speak to their financial advisors about the change in Section 179 of the tax code. It states a small business may deduct the total cost of new equipment, among other improvements within the same year.

Previously, businesses were required to depreciate upgrades like a new commercial HVAC system over a period of 39 years. For more information, read our previous blog on the topic.

Contact Estes Commercial for HVAC Upgrades and Repairs

In conclusion, you can stay on budget with this insider advice on commercial HVAC upgrades. Upgrades don’t need to be expensive to benefit your system. For more information about how to make the most out of your commercial HVAC system, give Estes Commercial a call.

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