Celebrate Your Cool Mom with Ductless Cooling!

Celebrate Your Cool Mom with Ductless Cooling!

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Ductless air conditioning technology offers a solution for uneven temperatures in your mom's house this Mother's Day. Older homes or additions without additional ductwork are prime candidates for ductless air conditioning technology. Portable air conditioners are limited, while a ductless system offers flexible installation on walls and ceilings. This Mother's Day, consider giving the mother in your life the gift of zone comfort and cool temperatures in every room!

Installation of Ductless Air Conditioning Technology

Installing ductless air conditioning technology in your mother's home is more cost-effective than installing a new central air conditioning unit. A new traditional system runs off your current ductwork and requires new ducts to be installed if there isn't existing ductwork present. Ductless technology is exactly as it sounds! There are no additional labor costs for installing new ductwork with ductless air conditioning technology.

The unit's simplicity keeps its cost and installation low. The outdoor unit houses the compressor, keeping noise to a minimum, while the indoor unit holds the air handler. Each room or zone has its own indoor unit, which is installed on the wall or ceiling. A small 3-inch hole is drilled in the wall connecting the refrigerant lines, condensate drain, and power cables between the indoor and outdoor units. For many homeowners, this tiny opening reduces security concerns felt by previous owners of old-fashioned window units.

How Ductless Air Conditioning Technology Operates

Your mother can use ductless air conditioning technology with her current HVAC system or use it independently. The ductless air conditioning technology uses the refrigerant from the outdoor unit to move and convert heat from an existing room into cool air. The cool air is distributed throughout a room via the air handler, keeping the room cool during the day and night.

Estes Services has ductless systems for any budget, and our skilled NATE-certified technicians are equipped to install any unit in your mother's home. Installation is hassle-free and will be completed as quickly as one day. If your mother has any questions about her new system, we will answer them and ensure she is ready to use her new ductless cooling system easily before we leave.

The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Technology

Ductless air conditioning technology functions to cool individual rooms without overtaxing your traditional air conditioner. Cold spots can occur in your mother's home, which forces her unit to kick on and off to maintain even temperatures repeatedly. A ductless system only worries about adjusting and maintaining the temperature in one area. Each indoor unit has its own thermostat to provide readings and can be adjusted to the desired temperature in a specific room.

The versatility and accuracy of ductless air conditioning technology give everyone in your mother's home the ability to create a comfortable environment for their own rooms. Most ductless systems come with a user-friendly remote control, so your mother doesn't have to climb a ladder to adjust any units. Each remote offers a variety of settings to maximize energy efficiency by switching between the fan and the air conditioner.

Ductless technology provides a more effective filtering system compared to traditional air conditioners. Each indoor unit has its own filter, which is easy to replace or clean every few months. The unit can be reversed during the colder months to provide ductless heating throughout your mother's home. It can work independently or with her current heating and cooling system throughout the year.

Invest in something to last your mother for years to come! Ductless air conditioning technology will provide her with a comfortable environment that is efficient and easy to control. Financing is available. Contact Estes Services to find out more about our ductless systems and to schedule installation now!