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Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Tune-up Services in Atlanta: What to Consider

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An HVAC tune-up plays an important role in your commercial HVAC maintenance. In fact, a tune-up acts as a preventative maintenance mechanism in order to help prevent more costlier problems down the road. In this article, we will cover the importance of a commercial HVAC tune-up and why you should ensure that you include one in your facility management operations each season.

At Estes Services, we have been offering HVAC tune-ups in the greater Atlanta area since 1949. Based on our 75 years of experience, we are happy to provide you with our expert advice on preventative maintenance for your commercial HVAC equipment. It's that Easy; It's Estes!

What is a Commercial HVAC Tune-Up?

You may wonder, What is a commercial HVAC tune-up for Atlanta businesses? Basically, a commercial HVAC tune-up is regular maintenance service performed in order to help ensure proper equipment performance and extend equipment life.

A tune-up should be performed by a licensed, trained, and reputable commercial HVAC contactor. The quality of the tune-up work performed is dependent on the contractor you select for your commercial HVAC maintenance. As such, if you are wondering which factors to consider when selecting a commercial HVAC contractor, check out our Commercial HVAC Contractors: Factors to Consider Before Hiring guide.

Before you schedule an appointment for your tune-up, you will want to assess a contractor based on the following qualities:

  • Experience

  • Qualifications and credentials

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Local, family-owned vs corporate owned

  • Special offers and discounts

With this in mind, let's discuss what's typically included in a commercial HVAC tune-up.

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What is included in a Commercial HVAC Tune-Up?

While the items included in a tune-up can depend on the system type, a tune-up can typically include the following:

  • Filter inspection and changeout — Check filters and clean or replace. You may want to consider upgrading to a higher MERV-rated filter if applicable. Discuss with your technician.

  • Thermostat calibration — Ensure thermostat settings are adjusted for proper temperature control.

  • Inspection of electrical components — Inspect electrical connections. This helps ensure safe and proper operation.

  • Inspection of moving parts — Inspect moving parts such as motors and bearings.

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  • Inspection of condensate drain — Inspect the condensate drain in order to prevent clogs and the risk of water damage to your property.

  • Perform coil cleaning — Ensure evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned. This is an important part of your commercial HVAC preventative maintenance, and it should be performed regularly, especially during spring time. For instance, your HVAC coils could be clogged with pollen and plant debris during the spring, which can inhibit proper cooling.

  • Safety control testing — Safety controls are tested in case of an emergency shutdown.

  • Refrigerant charge level check — Inspect system for refrigerant leaks and address accordingly.

  • Ductwork inspection — Check for leaks in ductwork for proper airflow.

  • Perform overall system performance assessment — Evaluate the overall performance of the system. Make recommendations for improvement.

This is general guidance about what a commercial HVAC tune-up may look like for your building. Ultimately, the exact specifics will depend on your unit or system. Our licensed and NATE-certified HVAC technicians work with it all regardless of your unit type and brand.

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How Much Does an HVAC Tune-up Cost?

The cost of your commercial HVAC tune-up can depend on factors such as size of job; time of year; and choice of contractor. You may want to consider an HVAC membership plan that can offer preventative maintenance discounts.

Is a Commercial HVAC Tune-up Worth It?

Yes, a commercial HVAC tune-up is worth it. A tune-up is typically required to keep compliant with a manufacturer's warranty agreement.

Tune-ups for your commercial HVAC equipment should be regularly scheduled. I

What are the Benefits of a Commercial Tune-up?

A tune-up is an important part of your commercial HVAC maintenance plan and facility operations. There are numerous benefits to a commercial HVAC tune-up, including:

  • Increased equipment performance

  • Increased energy efficiency and savings

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Better employee and customer satisfaction

  • Increased equipment reliability

We can discuss the benefits of a commercial HVAC tune-up for your specific system. Just give us a call, or schedule service.

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