Common Water Heater Problems for Atlanta Residents (How to Fix)

Common Water Heater Problems for Atlanta Residents (How to Fix)

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Water heaters keep us comfortable, help us keep our home clean, and are often out of sight and out of mind. What happens when your water heater malfunctions? We list some common water heater problems in Atlanta, GA homes, how to fix them, and when to call a pro.

There are two types of water heaters – tank systems and tankless water heaters. Below we will focus mostly on tank style systems, as tankless systems usually require you to call a plumber.

Tank systems run either by gas or by electricity, and it is an important first step to identify which type you have.

Common Water Heater Problems in Atlanta Homes

Problem & Solution: No Hot Water

  • This problem often means a broken or malfunctioning heating element, and requires a call to a plumber to fix.
  • It is possible the issue is caused by an incorrect thermostat setting. Check your owner’s manual for directions on how to set your thermostat.
  • A faulty thermostat could be to blame. This also requires a call to your local plumber for repair or replacement of the component.
  • Problems with your pilot light (if you have a gas-powered unit) could cause cold water. This is something only a trained plumber should inspect and repair.

    Common water heater problems related to pilot light issues are in older models, as newer ones use electronic ignition. If your water heater uses a pilot light, it’s a smart idea to investigate water heater replacement.

Problem & Solution: Rust-Colored Water

  • Excessive corrosion inside the tank causes rust-colored water. This is often a sign you need a new water heater. A plumber diagnoses the exact cause and provides efficient water heating equipment paired with trustworthy installation services.

Problem & Solution: Leaking or Pooling Water

  • A loose or faulty plumbing connection is a potential cause. Check the connections on the exterior of your unit. It is a simple DIY repair if the loose component is easily seen and accessible.
  • A leaking heating element gasket is another possible source of leaking water. A certified plumber is needed for the repair.
  • A leak or rupture is possible in the water heater’s tank. This is a sign you need a new water heater. Call a plumber right away to prevent additional leaking and flooding. Your plumber drains your old water heater and removes it to replace with an upgraded unit.

Problem & Solution: Odor in Your Water

  • If your water starts to smell like rotten eggs, bacteria build up in your hot water tank is possible. Call a plumber soon to resolve this issue and prevent problems and illness. The tank needs to be cleaned and treated to stop continued issues.

Problem & Solution: Not Enough Hot Water

  • A faulty heating element is a possible cause. In this case, call your local plumber to diagnose and repair your heating element, or replace it.
  • Your water heater’s capacity may be too small for your home’s demands. A plumber can diagnose this problem rather easily by evaluating your household size and hot water use. He or she recommends the appropriate size water heater to accommodate your hot water needs.
  • An installation issue such as crossed lines could be to blame. If recently installed, call the technician who installed your system for a check. This is a simple fix.

Curious About Tankless Water Heaters? Estes Services Can Help

Tankless water heaters are in demand among Atlanta homeowners. Their repair and diagnosis are often more complicated and require a professional. However, benefits of tankless water heaters include significant energy savings, lowered utility bills, and a smaller footprint in your home.

Common Water Heater Problems in Atlanta are no Match for Estes’ Plumbers

Estes Services has expert plumbers who quickly diagnose and repair any common water heater problems. They also advise you on the ideal water heater type for your home’s and family’s needs.

Call today to schedule an Estes plumber! If you have these common water heater problems in the Atlanta area, Estes Services serves homeowners in Midtown, Roswell, Dunwoody, Virginia Highland, Sandy Springs, Decatur and Druid Hills.

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