Call Estes Services for All of Your Water Heater Service Needs in Atlanta, GA!

Water heaters produce hot water for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and other tasks.  If you are in the market for a new water heater in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Estes Services is available to assist you. Our certified professionals install new water heaters plus provide the routine maintenance needed to keep your system operating properly. 

Not only do we install water heaters, but we perform service, repairs and replacements for almost any brand of water heater. Call us today to connect with a specialist and learn all options for Atlanta water heater service. For those in need of a new water heater, Estes Services offers models manufactured by two of the most popular brands in the plumbing industry. 

Water Heater Services in Atlanta We Offer

No matter what services you need, count on Atlanta’s top plumbers at Estes Services for the best results. Here are the water heater services we offer:

Water Heater Replacement

We’ll determine what type and size of water heater you need to meet your daily hot water needs. Then we professionally install your new, energy-efficient water heater. Finally, we haul away the old unit to make your upgrade as stress-free as possible.

Water Heater Maintenance

We recommend annual water heater maintenance and safety inspections. Should we discover developing issues during an inspection, it’s easy to perform a repair before any damage is done.

Water Heater Repairs

If your Atlanta home’s water heater gives you trouble, call Estes Services right away! We’ll be there as quickly as possible to perform an emergency water heater repair in the Atlanta area.

Do I Need My Water Heater Inspected?

Could you benefit from our Atlanta water heater services? If you experience any of these signs you should give us a call:

Insufficient hot water: A properly operating 40 or 50-gallon tank should be able to supply enough hot water for two or three back-to-back showers. If yours is unable to keep up, it may need maintenance to restore maximum output.

Strange sounds coming from the water heater: Gurgling, bubbling, or popping sounds are all common when a water heater is about to fail.

Murky hot water: A water heater with rust on the inside may cause hot water to run brown. Draining and flushing the tank may resolve this problem.

Leaky relief valve or rusty tank: Is your water heater leaking? Call Estes Services before the tank fails completely and floods your Atlanta home!