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Is A Water Heater Leaking Dangerous?

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You may ask yourself, "Is a water heater leaking dangerous?" In this article, we'll answer that very question, exploring the causes of leaks, the risks associated with them, and what you should do about a leaking system.

While a water heater leaking is a common household problem to have, it can lead to bad outcomes that pose a risk to your health, safety, and the indoor environment if not dealt with properly.

Causes of Leaks

How could this occur? Why is this happening to me? Realize that leaks occur more frequently than you may think, and there are some common causes and sources for a water heater leaking.

More specifically, the reasons behind leaking or pooling water may include:

A loose or faulty plumbing connection.

A leaking heating element gasket.

A leak or rupture in the water heater tank.

So, your next question may be, "Can I just duct tape this problem for a while with a repair, or should I get a new water heater installation?"

Well, it depends. If your problem is minor and the affected area is also modular, then it may make sense for a licensed plumber to make a water heater repair. A faulty connection in the plumbing or a heating element gasket are among these problems.

However, if there is a leak in the water heater tank itself, then it is time to get a new water heater.

Dangers of Leaks

So how serious is this really? You may wonder, "Can I just wait until next month or when the tax return comes in?" With a water heater leaking, this is not a time to wait.

In fact, you should act immediately. Let's walk through the threat escalation. First, there are financial consequences. A water heater that is improperly heating may lead to increased energy costs because it is no longer functioning in the efficient way it was designed to. On top of that, water damage can be costly to repair. And that is before the mold sets it.

Mold damage to structures can result in whole floors needing to be gutted and remodeled, and mold can also cause serious health problems. Trust us, when we say it's not something to play casual about.

Leaks are one thing, but how about more sudden types of failure that are considered emergency plumbing?

An improperly functioning water heater can rupture and cause serious flooding in your home or business and would necessitate an emergency plumber immediately. In addition to the above concerns associated with leaking being amplified, if the water is still heated, then scalding could happen and cause injury to pets or loved ones. In a business setting, this could also create lawsuits and liability concerns.

Lastly, water heaters are wonderful devices that make our lives so much easier, but if neglected they can explode. When maintained properly, these serious concerns can be averted, but when they arise it is time to call a professional.

Act Before It's a Problem

"Okay, so I need to call local plumbers near me to take care of this. What else do I need to know about plumbers near me?"

Well, if you have an older water heater, it may be time to upgrade your appliance to a newer model. It will use less energy and save you money.

Also, make sure to call a licensed plumber and not just your neighbor who worked at an appliance store for six months. Once your water heater crisis is solved, it is also worth remembering to schedule preventative maintenance and safety checks. A monthly maintenance membership plan may be of interest to you to prevent similar problems from occurring again.

With the rest of spring and summer just around the corner, maintaining your water heater will keep you and your family comfortable. After all, while some people swear by cold showers, the rest of us like it hot.

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Water heaters keep our lives comfortable and are a luxury of modern home living. There is no hot water for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and other tasks without them.

Estes Services can take care of any water heater repair or replacement need that you may have. As soon as you discover that your water heater is leaking, you should contact one of our Atlanta licensed plumbers, so that we can fix your problem quickly.

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