Fall Yard Maintenance Keeps Your HVAC Unit Functional

Fall Yard Maintenance Keeps Your HVAC Unit Functional

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Follow These Tips to Protect Your HVAC Unit from Failure

Summer is over and fall weather has officially kicked into high gear. Before you start preparations for cookouts and bonfires, take the time to perform yard maintenance. This keeps your HVAC unit functioning smoothly when winter weather hits.

Neglecting your outdoor HVAC unit leads to surprise malfunctions and costly heating and cooling repairs. Our NATE-certified technicians know precisely what your HVAC unit needs to perform efficiently.

Let’s increase awareness of simple maintenance to reduce the risk of failure in your outdoor unit. Enjoy your fall festivities and comfortable temperatures inside your home by following the tips below.

Clear Away the Debris

When you mow in the fall, point the blower away from your exterior unit. Grass clippings can be sucked into and accumulate on your equipment. Other debris, such as trigs, limbs or branches, blow around your yard and may compromise your HVAC unit’s performance if not cleared away.

Your unit requires unrestricted airflow around the outdoor equipment. When your HVAC unit can’t properly breathe and cool, it overheats and runs the risk of frying different components.

Know the Two Feet Rule

A general rule of thumb is to keep trees, flowers, bushes and shrubs at least two feet away from your outdoor HVAC unit. Plants grow quickly with the fall rain, which allows them to crowd your equipment and restrict airflow.

The AC compressor is an expensive component and requires proper ventilation. It will fail if it overheats due to poor airflow. Check the vegetation around your HVAC unit at least once a week and trim back anything which interferes with your system’s efficient operation.

Watch and Listen For Signs of Pests

Fall is the time of year rodents, pests and insects search for places to hide before winter weather sets. Look around your exterior HVAC unit and take note of any signs which indicate critters are present.

Common red flags of an infestation include bite marks on the fins, wires or other components, nest materials and feces around the HVAC unit. You may hear noises inside your exterior unit when it’s not running. Listen for something moving around or gnawing on parts inside the equipment.

Contact our technicians immediately if you suspect an animal or rodent inside your HVAC unit. We will quickly remove the pest.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

After performing the above steps, schedule routine maintenance for your HVAC system. Your equipment will have dust, dirt and other debris throughout the components and our technicians will ensure every part is squeaky clean before winter arrives.

Maintenance allows us to inspect vital areas of your outdoor unit to prevent an unexpected breakdown during the holiday seasons. Scheduling maintenance is the easiest way to keep your HVAC unit performing smoothly when the weather shifts outside.

Make wise decisions this fall with your yard and schedule maintenance with our NATE-certified technicians. We will work with you to keep your HVAC unit healthy, so you can enjoy comfortable temperatures indoors and not stress over costly breakdowns later. Call Estes Services today!