Father’s Day is Here! Keep Dad Comfortable with Air Conditioning Service

Father’s Day is Here! Keep Dad Comfortable with Air Conditioning Service

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This Father’s Day honor the most important man in your life with a unique gift. Schedule an air conditioning service call for his AC unit. Your dad with experience peace of mind when it comes to his air conditioner operating smoothly during the summer. We understand your love for your father and know why keeping him cool is so important.

Why Air Conditioning Service is Important

Maintaining a cooling system with air conditioning service is essential for many reasons. The first is for increased productivity for those in a home. People living in a cool house perform chores more efficiently and can relax easily when it’s so hot and humid outside.

Your father and those living in his home will experience better health with air conditioning service. Regular maintenance ensures his heating and cooling system is clean during the humid summer. With excess moisture and dust floating around, an air filter becomes dirty more often. Air conditioning service makes sure the filter is clean, so your father can experience fresh and healthy indoor air.

Scheduling air conditioning service will also keep your father’s AC unit operating quietly during the busiest time of the year. Different components experience wear and tear, and malfunctioning when a person least expects it. The various parts likely to break down causes a unit to operate loudly, causing a headache whenever the air conditioner runs.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Service

The gift of air conditioning service doesn’t just keep your father happy, healthy and at peace. There are many other benefits he can enjoy with a flawlessly functioning air conditioning system, such as:

  • Fewer Repairs: Service now on your father’s air conditioning unit will keep it healthy longer. Any potential problems will be caught early before extreme temperatures hit, saving your father money on expensive repairs in the future.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: An AC unit experiences wear and tear from added stress during the summer. Worn out components force a cooling unit to operate harder, increasing the amount of energy used to supply cool temperatures throughout a home. Air conditioning service ensures wear and tear is kept to a minimum so your father’s AC unit can function more efficiently, keeping energy costs low.
  • Greater Life Expectancy: Regular tune-ups and maintenance on air conditioners ensure they last between 10 to 15 years. Without air conditioning service, your father will experience system failure and be forced to replace his AC unit before he is ready.
  • More Reliable: Air conditioning service is the key to keeping a unit operating smoothly regardless of the temperature and humidity outside. Your father will experience a smoothly running air conditioner and keep comfortable throughout summer.

Give a thoughtful gift to save your father money at the end of a long, hot summer. Call Estes Services to purchase an air conditioning service plan for your father or to schedule maintenance for your own AC unit. Our NATE-certified technicians will get your father’s air conditioning system operating smoothly and catch any potential problems before they strike.

Does Dad need a new air conditioning system? Estes Services has a special discount for new air conditioner rebates this summer. For current customers of Gas South in need of a new air conditioning system, you can save money on rebates up to $1,350 or special financing with approved credit. Call us with questions or for a free estimate on a new system.