Federal Tax Credits: What HVAC units qualify?

Federal Tax Credits: What HVAC units qualify?

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Homeowners who have invested in new HVAC installations could qualify for federal tax credits.  ENERGY STAR offers a list of all heating and air units that fall under the tax credit specifications.  With an ENERGY STAR product, you can save up to 30% more energy in your home.  Estes Services offers several products that qualify for federal tax credits and we are more than happy to discuss options with you!

Heating and Air Units Eligible for Tax Credits

Depending on where you live, there might be other incentives programs or rebates that offer savings for certain HVAC systems.  Any HVAC installations between 2011 and 2016 on the systems listed below may be eligible for federal tax credits, depending on the specifications of the system.

  • Air source heat pumps can earn you up to $300 back
    • Split systems
    • Package systems
  • Central air conditioning (CAC) can earn you $300 back
    • Split systems
    • Package systems
  • Propane, gas, or oil furnaces can earn you up to $150 back
  • Geothermal heat pumps can earn you 30% back on the cost of the unit
    • Water-to-air
    • Water-to-water
    • Direct expansion

Heating and Air Units Purchased after 2016

If you purchased and installed a new HVAC unit after December 31, 2016, then unfortunately, you aren’t eligible for the federal tax credit.  However, you can still save money in the future by purchasing an ENERGY STAR heating and air unit.  With ENERGY STAR products HVAC service is easily managed through preventative maintenance on a regular basis.  Estes Services has several products that are ENERGY STAR approved plus professionals that can assist you with future HVAC repairs.  Our certified professionals are able to perform HVAC installation for a new unit, perform preventative HVAC service to achieve optimum performance and increase the life of your system, and provide HVAC repairs when unforeseen problems happen.

If you are living in and around the Atlanta area and have purchased and installed any of these HVAC systems, then call Estes Services today!  We can check your eligibility for a federal tax credit or assist you with any future preventative HVAC service and HVAC repairs.