Forget the doghouse, air condition the garage and get some work done!

Forget the doghouse, air condition the garage and get some work done!

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Do you need a place to keep cool while still getting projects done?  The garage is a great place to work on cars, home projects, gardening tasks, or other hobbies that can be dirty, messy, or noisy.  Estes Services has many heating & air conditioning solutions for homeowners who want to keep their workspaces at a comfortable home temperature.  If you live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, Estes Services has an AC that will keep your garage cool during the summer.

Benefits of air conditioning your garage

One of the best benefits of air conditioning your garage is it makes your home temperature more consistent and efficient.  If your garage isn’t cool, hot air can slowly permeate shared walls and doors of your garage to your home.  Preventing heat gain in the home will cut energy costs. You will enjoy cool air while having a cool environment to work!

Increasing AC efficiency in your garage

Installing air conditioning in your garage isn’t the only way to keep cool.  You can also add insulation in your garage to keep the cool air in and the heat out.  Insulation for your garage in these areas helps keep the cool air inside:

  • Walls
  • Garage doors
  • Ceiling
  • Windows

Adding proper insulation to these areas will decrease the cost of both your heat and air.  Estes Services offers proper weatherization for homes and garages by certified insulation technicians in Atlanta, Georgia, and other surrounding areas. Insulation will also increase the energy efficiency of a garage AC unit.

Sizing of a new garage air conditioner

Many homeowners invest in an air conditioner that isn’t properly sized for their garage and are dissatisfied with their unit. The garage must be measured and cooling loads configured to determine the appropriate size AC for your space. BTU rating.  Working with Estes Services guarantees your new AC will be professionally sized and right for your workspace.

Estes Services wants to provide you with a cool garage that is energy efficient and wallet friendly!  Call Estes Services to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.  We will get you set up with a new AC in no time.