Give Your HVAC a Summer Vacation

Give Your HVAC a Summer Vacation

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HVAC Programmable Thermostats and Service Plans Offer Your Air Conditioner a Chance to Destress

Summer is fast approaching. Is your cooling system ready to combat the heat and humidity in Georgia?  It’s important your HVAC system is operating smoothly when you are home, and it needs to be in perfect working order while you are on vacation. Coming home to a surprise air conditioner or heat pump breakdown after a peaceful getaway can be a nightmare and a financial stressor.

Contact Estes Services early and avoid the rush to service your cooling system. We offer different service plans to keep your system lasting long after summer is finished. We take pride in offering the best service and selling the best Carrier and Mitsubishi HVAC products in the industry. Our technicians are experienced and the best-of-the-best in Greater Atlanta. Let us help you achieve cool indoor temperatures all summer long, even while on vacation!

Invest in a Service Plan

A service plan or maintenance plan offers reliability and flexibility when it comes to caring for your heating and air system. Service includes cleaning the components in your unit, inspecting every area for wear and tear, and repairing or replacing damaged parts. Catching problems early will save you money on unexpected and expensive repairs later in the summer or while you are on vacation.

Waiting until the last minute to schedule service can be aggravating because you may have to be worked into the technician’s busy service season. The perks of a service plan allow you to schedule maintenance on your air cooling system prior to the “busy season.” A service plan gives your unit its own sort of vacation by allowing it to rejuvenate from constant wear and tear.

Our NATE-certified technicians are skilled at diagnosing a variety of problems typically present during a service call. We offer several service plans to choose from, depending on the level of service you need. Contact Estes Services to which of our service plans is the right one for your budget.

Invest in an HVAC Programmable Thermostat

The right HVAC programmable thermostat for your home will keep your air cooling system operating smoothly while you are on vacation and increase its efficiency throughout the summer months. There are a variety of options when it comes to programmable thermostats. Some offer Wi-Fi capabilities and energy usage reports. Monthly reminders for filter replacements and when service is needed are emailed to you.

HVAC programmable thermostats with Wi-Fi access allow you to adjust the temperature when you aren’t at home from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Many provide more accurate climate control and can adjust the temperature based on the number of occupants in a room. Others provide stress-free management with touch screens or backlights to easily adjust the temperature in the dark.

All models feature preset temperature settings for sleeping, at home or at work. Vacation mode is another setting enabling you to raise the temperature in your home while you are gone, preventing your HVAC unit from kicking on and wasting energy when no one is there to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Once you’re on your way home, you can adjust the setting back to an ideal temperature so it’s ready to welcome you for cooling comfort.

Consider investing in a programmable thermostat or service plan before summer hits or before you go on vacation. An efficient air cooling system will save you money and give you the peace of mind you deserve while away from home. Call Estes Services today and learn about our different service plans and programmable thermostats to optimize your heating and air systems.