Go Green With High-Efficiency Air Conditioning

Go Green With High-Efficiency Air Conditioning

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Go Green for Arbor Day

This Arbor Day, take advantage of high-efficiency air conditioning, smart landscaping, and indoor air quality products to create a healthier environment. Not only will you feel good about your contributions, you will also live healthier and save money on your utility bill. That's a win, win, win all around!

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning System

Installing a high-efficiency air conditioning system will guarantee more increased performance and lower energy bills. New ENERGY STAR-certified systems offer up to 50% savings on your utility bill, saving you money and reducing the energy needed to cool your home.

High-efficiency air conditioning provides you with improved comfort while using less effort to maintain ideal temperatures throughout your home. Before buying a new system, check the SEER rating to ensure you are buying a high-efficiency air conditioning system. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit.

Smart Landscaping

Planting trees, shrubs, and other vegetation in a prime location can benefit your air conditioning system. Man-made shade from nearby plants can keep your outdoor unit cool when the temperatures start to spike. Just be sure to keep foliage trimmed and 1-3 feet away from the unit, so it doesn't impede airflow.

The extra shading allows the condenser to cool offer quicker and increases your indoor unit's performance during the hottest part of the day. Direct sunlight will add unnecessary heat to the outdoor unit, resulting in overheating and the breakdown of your high-efficiency air conditioning system.

Excess debris is another problem when it comes to the operation of your high-efficiency air conditioning unit. Twigs, leaves, branches, and other clutter in your yard can become lodged inside your outdoor unit and affect the performance of your equipment. If an outdoor unit isn't inspected regularly or maintained by homeowners it will experience more malfunctions and you'll experience reduced airflow throughout your home.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Maintaining a high-efficiency air conditioning system can be easy with the help of indoor air quality products. Estes Services has a variety of products to choose from to boost your system's efficiency, save you money, and create a healthier environment indoors. Clean indoor air can be achieved with:

  • Media Air Cleaners: Your indoor air will have less pollen, mold and germs floating throughout your home when you install a media air cleaner in your high-efficiency air conditioning system.
  • Whole-home Dehumidifiers: Humidity is a nasty source of mold, mildew and dust mites in your home. Installing a whole-home dehumidifier to work with your cooling system will reduce the growth of mold and dust mites while reducing condensation from building up in your home.
  • Programmable/Smart Thermostats: A quality thermostat will communicate more accurately with your HVAC system and keep your heating and cooling units operating efficiently by maintaining even temperatures and reducing how often your air conditioner cycles on and off. Less cycling will lower your energy bills and help reduce the amount of energy used to cool your home.

Celebrate this Arbor Day by going green! Use extra shading and indoor air quality products to decrease the amount of energy your cooling system uses on a daily basis. Contact Estes Services to schedule maintenance on your current system or to invest in a new high-efficiency air conditioning unit for your home.

If you're concerned about the cost, Estes Services offers multiple financing options to help you replace an inefficient machine sooner than later. In addition, a new efficient model will instantly save you money in reduced energy bills. Call Estes for a free estimate on a new system today.