Gurgling Plumbing Sounds: What Do They Mean?

Gurgling Plumbing Sounds: What Do They Mean?

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When gurgling plumbing sounds are heard, don’t ignore your system’s warnings! Gurgling noises from various areas of your home’s plumbing system indicate a few issues you want to resolve right away. The Estes Services’ plumbing team explains what gurgling plumbing sounds often indicate, based on where they originate from. Know what the noise means so you know when to call for assistance!

Gurgling Noises from Bathroom Plumbing

In terms of plumbing issues, a gurgling sound coming from the bathroom plumbing is one of the most common complaints we hear from homeowners. Gurgling is often heard as the shower or bath drains, after flushing, or when water runs in the sink. Possible causes behind gurgling noises in the bathroom include:

  • A blockage in a drain line is usually the cause for a gurgling sound when the noises come from one particular drain. The issue is resolved with proper drain cleaning. A plumber uses commercial grade drain cleaning tools to knock out any obstruction in your lines. 
  • It is possible for gurgling sounds to originate from an issue deeper within your system – a sewer line clog. When this is the cause, homeowners notice gurgling from multiple plumbing fixtures, slow draining across various fixtures, water backup and foul odors. Sewer line clogs are too deep to safely tackle with DIY methods, so call a plumber when this issue is suspected.
  • Gurgling in the bathroom is also an indicator of P-trap issues. The P-trap is the curved section of piping below sink and tub drains. Gurgling can be due to damage or a lack of a P-trap on the fixture, and the problem may produce poor drainage as well as symptoms similar to a drain clog.

Vent Issues Cause Gurgling Plumbing Sounds

Problems with plumbing system vents also produce gurgling noises. The plumbing system requires air movement to push water through the supply lines.When vent issues hinder water movement due to inadequate air movement, gurgling sounds result.

Consistent gurgling from plumbing supply lines is an indicator that drain vents require lengthening or replacement, as the existing vents are inadequate. In addition to the noise, vent issues cause poor drainage and more frequent drain clogs.

If this type of gurgling is noticed, call your plumber to learn the solutions best fit to solve the problem.

A Gurgling Sound from Septic Systems

Septic system blockages are complicated to correct. When you hear gurgling plumbing sounds, this is the most severe possible cause if your home uses septic. Clogged septic systems have the potential to result in overflows and leaks on your property or in your home. Fortunately, Estes Services’ plumbers are equipped to clear septic blockages and prevent undesirable issues in your home.

Keep Gurgling Plumbing Sounds at Bay

Prevention is the best defense against a gurgling noise resonating from your plumbing system. Here are the best ways to avoid the occurrence of gurgling plumbing noises:

  • Utilize drain covers to prevent hair and other debris accumulation in your pipes.
  • Be mindful of the waste that is washed down your sinks or flushed down your toilet.

Resolve Plumbing Noises with Estes Services

Don’t let gurgling plumbing sounds bother you for too long before you call for help – you don’t want to allow a severe issue to develop! When you need plumbing repairs or drain cleaning, contact Estes Services to schedule a service appointment.