Holiday Emergency Plumber Help in Atlanta

Holiday Emergency Plumber Help in Atlanta

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You always need emergency plumber help when you least expect it. The holidays bring extra guests into your Atlanta home, and your kitchen may see more cooking than it ever has. All of this extra activity puts a strain on the plumbing in your home. Preventative measures may help deter major plumbing issues.

Sometimes the homeowner can fix plumbing problems themselves; however, extra help comes in handy when the unexpected happens. When you need help, know Estes Services plumbers are close by to rescue your family from plumbing disasters.

Problem Areas – Remember You Can Always Call An Emergency Plumber!

Sink Clogs

To help prevent kitchen sink clogs, avoid pouring grease or food particles down the drain. When processing food through the garbage disposal, always reduce the size of the food so undue stress is not put on the mechanism. Smaller pieces will help prevent damage to the disposal.

The bathroom sink usually clogs up over time with a build-up of hair bits, soap and fibers from towels. If the unthinkable should happen and a sink becomes clogged, the homeowner has several options to open flow.

A sink plunger is smaller than a toilet plunger and can be used when a small clog occurs. However, if the clog is more severe and the plunger isn’t working, it’s time to call a licensed plumber to handle the clog. An emergency plumber at Estes Services will be happy to help get the festivities back on track.

Toilet Clogs

To help prevent toilet clogs, only flush biodegradable toilet paper down the toilet. Don’t put tissue paper, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes or any foreign objects in the toilet. Also be careful with alleged” flushable wipes.” Many municipalities find these wipes do not biodegrade in the sewer system as they should.

If a clog does develop, make sure you have a toilet plunger handy during the holidays. You can also use a toilet plunger to unstop a tub or shower. Make sure there is about an inch of water in the basin, fit the plunger to the bottom of the bowl, and make sure there is a good seal.

If the plunger does not work, call an emergency plumber to use a drain auger (also called a “snake”) on the clog. Insert this flexible cable into the bowl and move it through the drain, hopefully breaking up the clog. Estes Services plumbers are willing and able to rescue the distraught homeowner.

Cold Water

When company is coming, homeowners need to know their water heater can withstand the extra demand of overnight guests. Cold water when a hot water faucet is on is a reliable indicator something is wrong with your water heater. There are a number of reasons why a water heater stops producing hot water.

The best solution is to call an emergency plumber immediately to determine the source of the problem. Estes Services offers emergency plumber services 24/7 for all your home plumbing needs, including repair services on water heaters.

Emergency Plumber Help From Estes Services to the Rescue in Atlanta!

Avoid holiday disaster with your plumbing by scheduling plumbing services early. However, when the unexpected happens, Estes Services has you covered! An Estes’ emergency plumber is available to help you whenever the need arises, and our competitive prices will leave you smiling! We serve the greater Atlanta area including Kennesaw, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Midtown and Dunwoody. Contact Estes Services today!