Housewarming Gift Idea – An HVAC Maintenance Plan

Housewarming Gift Idea – An HVAC Maintenance Plan

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Take a Worry Off a New Homeowner’s Mind

Buying a new home has many stresses, such as the house payment and maintenance requirements. If you know someone moving into a new residence, consider giving them an HVAC maintenance plan for a housewarming gift. They will thank you and appreciate their heating and cooling system operating smoothly year-round.

Estes Services offers preventative HVAC service plans affordable for any budget. Our HVAC maintenance agreements cover checkups for both heating and cooling equipment and you will receive priority service to fit your schedule. Take a look at the advantages of an HVAC maintenance plan and give an ongoing gift.

Peace of Mind and Hassle-Free

One of the most significant advantages of an HVAC maintenance plan is confidence your heating and cooling system can keep up with the demands of the weather outside. New homeowners can relax and enjoy their new home with an HVAC service gift. They can focus on feathering their nest without major repair or breakdown concerns. They will experience peace of mind knowing their HVAC equipment is serviced annually.

For first-time homeowners, an HVAC maintenance plan educates about proper care and starts good HVAC habits. In the event of unexpected breakdowns, the cost may be lower because of the recent service. Plan members also receive repair discounts.

HVAC Maintenance Increases Savings Across the Board

HVAC maintenance ensures your equipment can go the distance, regardless of the weather outside. Seasonal inspections and routine cleanings during maintenance will detect potential problems and avoid expensive breakdowns later.

A person receiving an HVAC service agreement should experience fewer repairs on their heating and cooling equipment. With maintenance, problems are diagnosed early and signs of wear and tear are kept at a minimum.

Heating and cooling systems also perform more efficiently and waste less energy with regular maintenance. With proper cleaning and air filter replacement, restrictions in airflow are prevented during HVAC maintenance calls.

Your equipment will keep you comfortable and maintain ideal temperatures without increasing your energy bill. A gift of HVAC maintenance saves new homeowners money on future repairs. Because an efficient heating and air system uses less energy, regular maintenance lowers their energy costs as well.

Think Outside the Box

Skip the generic and unoriginal housewarming gift, such as a plant or kitchen accessory. An HVAC maintenance plan is personal, creative and thoughtful! This unique gift will keep new homeowners comfortable all year long and shows them how much they mean to you.

An HVAC maintenance plan is a perfect gift for any new homeowner and a great gift for yourself! The advantages of a maintenance agreement are worth the initial costs and will leave smiles on everyone’s faces.

Call Estes Services today and learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans. We welcome all your questions. Estes Services is here to help you with your major home systems. We want you to feel comfortable with your mechanicals and how to get the best performance from them. Plans are available for HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. Whole-home plans are available too!