How Can Tree Roots Affect Your Plumbing?

How Can Tree Roots Affect Your Plumbing?

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Did you know tree roots can cause significant plumbing problems, leading to extensive damage and very costly repairs? In our most recent blog, Estes Services explains just how tree roots impact buried plumbing components, signs of damage, and how to prevent it. For plumbing repairs and sewer replacement in Atlanta, contact Estes Services today.

Plumbing Problems Caused by Tree Roots

Tree roots grow underground, extending toward a source of moisture and nutrients to aid their growth. Unfortunately, the buried sewer pipe that carries waste from your home to the public sewer or your private septic tank are a perfect source of both moisture and nutrients. Over time, roots grow to reach the sewer pipe and start to break through its walls to access the waste material and water within.

When tree roots reach sewer lines, these plumbing problems can occur:

Fixing Damage Caused by Tree Roots

Ultimately, tree root penetrations in your sewer pipes will prevent drainage from your home. Once roots access the interior of the sewer pipe, they can continue to grow within, eventually forming a large mass of root material and other waste that clogs the sewer line. Even if the roots merely crack the pipe or cause the pipe to break but do not grow within, the opening created can cause the pipe to fill with soil and debris, which also clogs the line. 

Once the sewer line is clogged, you’ll start to have plumbing problems such as slow drains. Eventually, sewage will begin to back up into your home through sink, tubs, and other drains. Exposure to sewage and sewer gases can be harmful.

To fix plumbing system problems caused by tree roots, drain cleaning and other repairs will be necessary. Root balls and other debris in the sewer pipe can be cleared using professional plumbing methods and tools such as hydro jetting and augers. Once the blockage is cleared, something must be done to fix the damage to the sewer line.

Estes Services’ plumbers use camera inspection equipment to assess damage to your sewer lines and locate the point of damage. With this information, we will be able to determine the best method for repair. Sewer lines can be dug up for repair or replacement, but often trenchless pipe repair or sewer line replacement can be performed quicker and with little disruption to your property.

Warning Signs You Have a Tree Root Problem

If tree roots have already caused plumbing problems on your property, you may notice these signs:

  • Lush green spots on the lawn
  • Soggy patches of grass
  • Slow drains in the home
  • Odors such as sulfur or rotten eggs indoors

Preventing Tree Root Plumbing Problems

Fixing damaged sewer lines can be an expensive job, so it’s best you take steps to prevent the possibility of plumbing problems caused by tree roots before they occur. Take these measures on your property to keep tree roots and sewer pipes safely separated underground.

  • Only plant trees and shrubs with small root bases.
  • Plant these trees and shrubs a safe distance from where the sewer line sits.
  • Place barriers between trees and the sewer line, using chemicals or a physical metal or wood barrier that runs vertically to the sewer line and extends about 6 to 12 inches below the pipe depth.
  • Have your sewer lines inspected regularly to prevent damage that attracts tree roots.

Solve Sewer Line Damage in Atlanta by Calling Estes

Are tree roots causing plumbing problems in your sewer lines? Don’t wait to take action – call Estes Services today to have your sewer lines inspected, cleaned, and repaired so that tree root damage doesn’t cause further plumbing issues for your family.