How Color Choices in Your Home Can Affect Your Energy Efficiency

How Color Choices in Your Home Can Affect Your Energy Efficiency

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The thrill of picking out new paint colors and décor for your home might seem just a matter of likes and dislikes. However, your color choices could be costing you energy in the long run. Color choice can also affect your home’s temperature if not taken into consideration. Estes Services wants our customers to be knowledgeable about all aspects related to their HVAC systems, including the best heating and cooling colors for their homes.

Dark Colors Absorb Heat

Dark colors can absorb up to 70 to 90% of radiant energy, so opening curtains and letting the sun supply some heat can be a bonus for areas that remain cooler. During the hotter months though, those same dark colors draw more heat in and make air conditioning systems work overtime. With your air conditioner working harder and longer to combat the extra heat from the dark walls, your energy bill will increase. Dark colors are not ideal for boosting energy efficient HVAC systems and can actually cause more breakdowns in the future.

Light Colors Reflect Heat

Light colors have the opposite effect of dark colors. Painting the exterior of your home in light colors or white can keep your home from absorbing the heat beating down on it. A lighter colored roof can also keep your home cooler without causing your energy consumption to increase. Lighter colors attract 35% less heat than darker colors. They actually reflect light and during the warmer seasons, they keep the heat from seeping into your home. With less heat filtering in, your home stays cooler without running the air conditioning too often. This allows your energy efficient HVAC system to operate optimally year-round.

Annual Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Another way to improve energy efficiency for your HVAC system besides heating and cooling colors is with maintenance.  A professional should perform annual preventative maintenance at least twice a year to increase the lifespan of your HVAC system and keeping it performing at its highest potential.

Double check your heating and cooling colors to make sure they complement your energy efficient HVAC system. If you are unsure how best to increase your HVAC’s efficiency besides changing colors in your home, call Estes Services today! Our knowledgeable and skilled technicians can keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently during any season, plus offer solutions to saving money and energy.