How Long Does a Garbage Disposal Last?

How Long Does a Garbage Disposal Last?

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Garbage disposals are a frequently used appliance in many Atlanta area kitchens, making cleanup a breeze! Just like any other appliance, eventually the time will come when your garbage disposal needs to be replaced. So, how long does a garbage disposal last? In our most recent blog, Estes Services explains what you can expect as far as service life goes, and how your care over the years may extend its time in your kitchen.

On Average, How Long Do Garbage Disposal Units Last?

If you’re wondering how long do garbage disposals last, the answer is about 10 years. No one can say for certain just how long any one appliance will stay in service, though. On the low end, homeowners see about eight years of use from their units while on the high side, some may use one garbage disposal for 15 years or so before a new one is needed.

There is quite a range of garbage disposal devices available for installation in Atlanta area homes, so service life can vary a great deal. Several factors can determine how long a garbage disposal lasts, including:

Quality of the Unit

Thanks to improving technology and construction methods, newer garbage disposals are typically more durable than older units. Across the broad spectrum of models available, there are basic units and heavy-duty units. The quality of the garbage disposal and its components will factor into its service life. 

While a basic model can be more affordable to purchase and install, the quality of its components don’t measure up to a top-of-the-line garbage disposal, so don’t expect them to last the same amount of years. Spending more upfront to purchase a high-quality unit can pay off with longer service life.

How Often It Is Used

Even in two different homes with the same garbage disposal installed at the same time, these two units will need to be replaced at different points. If one household uses the garbage disposal several times a day while the other only runs their unit a few times a week, the garbage disposal that sees more use is going to wear out faster than the lesser-used unit.

How It Is Used

In addition to how often it’s used, how your garbage disposal is used also plays an important role in how long the unit lasts. If you only use the garbage disposal as recommended, the equipment will last longer than if you overfill it, don’t run water while in use, or choose to send questionable items down its drain.

How to Get More Years of Life from Your Garbage Disposal

As with any household appliance, a garbage disposal’s lifespan can be extended through maintenance over its years of service. How you care for your equipment makes a big difference – a neglected garbage disposal will surely fail before one that is regularly serviced.

Caring for your garbage disposal is fairly simple, as it doesn’t require complicated maintenance. Make sure to perform the following maintenance tasks on a regular basis.

  • Be sure to operate the garbage disposal regularly – don’t allow it to sit unused for long periods of time. Every couple of days, simply run water down the drain and turn on the disposal for a short period to keep components in good shape.
  • Clean the garbage disposal every week or two. Plug the drain and fill the sink with cold water. Once full, remove the plug to flush water through the unit.
  • Each month, perform a more detailed cleaning of your unit. Fill the garbage disposal with ice cubes and pour in one cup of rock salt. Turn on the unit and allow it to run for about a minute until the ice is crushed to a slushy consistency, then flush with cold water – this step removes buildup lining the chamber and keeps garbage disposal blades sharp. Next, pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar into the disposal to kill off any bacterial growth. Turn off power and clean the flaps that cover the drain opening above the disposal.
  • Anytime your garbage disposal displays performance issues or you notice something isn’t quite right, call for garbage disposal service right away. Neglecting repairs and operating the unit with faults can cause damage which contributes to total system failure at an earlier point in time.

Atlanta Garbage Disposal Services from Estes

Estes Services helps Atlanta area homeowners care for their garbage disposals from beginning to end. If you’re curious about how long a garbage disposal lasts, talk to our team about equipment options to find the best solution for your home. When you need garbage disposal repair, call us or contact us online to schedule a service appointment with a professional plumber today!