How to Choose a Toilet for Your Home

How to Choose a Toilet for Your Home

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Toilet replacement provides Atlanta homeowners the opportunity to change the aesthetics of their bathrooms and lower household water consumption. Many assume a toilet is just a toilet and all are created equally, but there are actually a lot of available options when it comes time for replacement. In our most recent blog, Estes Services discusses how to choose a toilet by comparing fixtures.

Factors for Choosing a Type of Toilet

They may look similar to you, but there are actually many different types of toilets that can be installed in your Atlanta area home. To compare fixtures and make the best selection for your needs, consider these factors:

  • One- or two-piece?
  • Bowl shape and size
  • Flush systems

One- or Two-Piece Toilet?

Toilets either come as one piece with the tank and bowl attached, or as two-piece models with separate tanks and toilets. In a two-piece model, the tank is bolted to the toilet upon installation.

  • Two-piece toilet models are more popular because they are less expensive.
  • One-piece toilets are easier to clean, with fewer nooks and crannies in their design.

When it coToiletsmes to choosing a toilet based on model type, you’ll need to decide which is more important: easy cleaning or low purchase price? It will cost less to buy a two-piece toilet, but you may spend more time and effort cleaning it. A one-piece toilet will cost you more but it may be worth it to you due to reduced cleaning needs.

Toilet Bowl Shape and Size

The shape of a toilet bowl is either rounded or elongated – circle or oval. The shape of the bowl affects the overall size of the fixture, which is important to consider because space in a bathroom is extremely valuable.

  • Round bowls are typically less expensive and do not require as much space as an elongated bowl.
  • A toilet with an elongated oval bowl adds around two inches to the bowl’s length for comfort, and they are typically more expensive than rounded bowl models.

Choosing a toilet bowl type depends on the needs of your household and the space available in your bathroom. In smaller spaces, the extra two inches on an elongated toilet may impact the available space for movement in the bathroom. Rounded toilets are typically chosen for installation in small bathrooms. Elongated toilets may be used when the bathroom is large and space isn’t at such a premium.

Also, consider what is comfortable for members of your household when you research toilets to buy. For young children, a rounded toilet bowl is preferred because it is smaller. This makes the toilet easier for children to use and more comfortable for them. An elongated bowl toilet is more comfortable for adults and the extra space is often appreciated by grown men.

Toilet Flushing System

The toilet’s flushing system is either pressure-assisted or a gravity flush. A pressure-assisted toilet flushing system uses air which forces water into the bowl as the toilet is flushed. A toilet with a gravity flushing system simply relies on the natural gravitational pull to draw water from the tank into the bowl to complete a flush.

  • A pressure-assisted flushing system provides stronger flushing power, which means it is less likely to experience clogs. They cost more but use less water to flush.
  • A gravity flush toilet is more affordable to purchase, but it requires more water to flush away waste.

The style of flushing system factors into choosing a toilet due to cost, maintenance, water savings, and user friendliness. A pressure-assisted flush toilet may cost more to purchase, but you will save money due to reduced water consumption and fewer toilet repairs or clog removal calls because the toilet is less likely to clog. A gravity flush toilet costs less outright, but costs more to operate over its lifespan due to higher water consumption and the likelihood of increased service needs.

Toilet Replacement in Atlanta, GA

If you’re looking to replace your old toilet, Estes Services can help Atlanta area homeowners choose the best toilet that is right for their needs. Work with our licensed Georgia plumbers to explore the options and find the toilet that is a good fit for your space, family, and conservation goals. Contact us today to request an estimate for toilet replacement.