How to Prevent a Flooded Basement

How to Prevent a Flooded Basement

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Basement flooding is often disastrous, causing thousands of dollars of damage to the home and personal belongings. Whether you’ve worked hard to finish out that basement so your family can enjoy that extra space or utilize this area to store priceless heirlooms, take steps to prevent basement flooding and keep this underground area of the home dry as a bone. The licensed plumbing experts of Estes Services share what you can do now to avoid unwanted water in your basement.

1. Take Care of Gutters and Downspouts

Rooflines are outlined with gutter systems and downspouts to catch rain runoff and divert it away from your home’s foundation. Without gutters, the water would simply roll off the roof and fall to the ground right next to your home, allowing the water to soak into the soil and potentially enter your basement or damage the foundation.

Always keep gutters clean and clear of debris. Make sure there are no clogs in your downspouts. Check the drainage of your downspouts to ensure the gutter system is diverting water far enough away from your home. Downspouts should empty a minimum of three feet away from the home, but extensions can be added to route this runoff to a more ideal location on your property or into a storm sewer.

2. Fix Plumbing Leaks

Water flows downward thanks to gravity, so leaking water in the aboveground areas of your home will eventually work its way downstairs. If you don’t use your basement very often, you may not even notice the leak and accumulating water until severe damage has already been done!

Avoid basement flooding caused by plumbing leaks when you repair these problems right away. Be mindful that even leaks that seem minor, like a slow drip from a faucet, waste gallons upon gallons of water over a short period of time. Repair pipes and fixtures to not only avoid water waste, but protect your basement.

3. Fix Foundation Issues

Noticeable cracks and damage to the basement floors or walls are an entry point for groundwater to make its way into your basement. You should always repair cracks in the foundation right away to prevent the basement from flooding and protect the integrity of the home’s foundation. Perform a visual inspection of basement walls and floors on a regular basis to identify cracks. Use epoxy to fill in problem areas, and monitor the repair to see if water continues to intrude. If so, call for professional repairs to keep water away from the foundation and prevent the risk of flooding.

4. Sump Pump Service

If you have a basement, you should also have a sump pump. Sump pumps work to prevent basement floods by removing excess water that drains to the lowest point of your foundation. However, sump pumps are only useful when they’re working properly, so it’s important you keep the pump maintained. Inspect it regularly, remove items from the sump pit, and scoop out debris that could clog the drain. Consider installing a battery backup sump pump as an additional protective measure in case your primary pump fails to work due to a power outage. If you need to install a sump pump, contact Estes Services.

5. Address Sewer and Drain Lines

Drain lines in your home carry waste out to the main sewer pipe. If drains are clogged or damaged, water won’t drain properly. Clogs can lead to a backup of water below your home, resulting in basement flooding. Slow or stopped drains should be cleaned out to avoid this issue.

The home’s main sewer line that carries waste to a septic tank or shared sewer can spring a leak due to damage or age, causing a backup of unsanitary sewage water in your basement. Replace aging and declining sewer pipes before you experience basement flooding and other issues. Watch for signs of sewer line issues such as slow drainage or sewage odors in the home and have a plumber repair them right away. Also, if your home uses a septic tank, make sure to have it pumped and cleaned as needed to avoid overflows leading to basement flooding.

Plumbing Services to Solve Basement Flooding

Don’t lose your precious memories and the kids’ favorite place to play due to plumbing issues that result in basement flooding! Estes Services is here to repair your plumbing issues right away to protect your home against basement flooding. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for repair services.