HVAC System Help with Paint Color Tips

HVAC System Help with Paint Color Tips

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In the south, we will take all the advice we can get to create comfort indoors. Here we offer tips from HVAC contractor Estes Services on using the right paint colors to alleviate the burden on your HVAC system. Does it really make a big difference? Read on to see…

How Color Responds to Heat or Light

Next time you’re in front of a wall of paint chips, flip one over and see if it lists the color’s LRV. The what? LRV, or Light Reflective Value, measures the amount of usable and visible light which reflects from, or absorbs into a painted surface.

The LRV scale ranges from 100 percent for pure white which reflects all light, down to zero with absolute black. In this case, absolute black would absorb all heat and light.

Therefore, a paint color with a higher LRV reflects more light. You could choose to use a lighter color in one of two ways. First, if you have a north-facing room or one with few windows, you may choose to paint it a lighter color.

This would reflect any lighting you brought into the space and make it feel less like a cave. You could also use the same color in a sunny, south-facing room. While it may be bright, it would absorb less heat from the sun’s rays. This would help to keep the room a little cooler.

Now, if you painted the sunny room with a darker color, or lower LRV, it would absorb more sun. This would ultimately make the room feel warmer and retain the heat longer.

You’ve probably experienced this with clothing choices. For example, imagine sitting outdoors at a restaurant. A person in a black shirt likely orders a sweet tea refill before their friend wearing a white shirt. The person in black feels hotter because her shirt absorbs more heat.

How Color Impacts your HVAC System

The lighter the paint colors, the less air conditioning your HVAC system needs to provide. Conversely, a lighter room may be a bit chilly in the winter, so you should make sure your heating equipment is ready to go.

We strongly recommend regular maintenance with a trusted HVAC contractor like Estes Services. Their service visits twice a year will make sure your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency and staying ready to serve you.

Additional Reasons to Consider LRV

For those with impaired vision, the Americans with Disabilities Act recommends a 70 percent light reflectance value or higher. If you are assisting an older relative with home remodeling or anyone who plans to age in place, it’s worth considering.

For a person with low vision, he or she may lose the ability to distinguish colors, while retaining the ability to detect visual contrast. Make sure the colors you use will provide adequate contrast, such as walls versus grab bars, doorknobs and railings, etc.

Schedule HVAC System Service for Peak Performance

Contact us today to schedule routine maintenance for your HVAC system. We provide a thorough inspection with one of our NATE-certified technicians. He or she will clean, lubricate, and test all applicable components.

This helps your equipment operate as designed. When it operates well, your HVAC system provides the most comfort, energy savings, and reliability.

Call Estes Services today for any HVAC system service, repair, or installation needs.