Installing an AC Unit can’t be that expensive, can it?

Installing an AC Unit can’t be that expensive, can it?

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For homeowners ready to purchase a new HVAC air conditioning system, there are several factors that decide the cost for a new unit. The best HVAC systems on the market are more powerful and energy-efficient than older air conditioners. There are many HVAC companies that can perform standard HVAC installations on a new system but not everyone has skilled HVAC contractors like Estes Services!

Size Does Matter

The size of an HVAC air conditioning system varies depending on the size of the home it has to keep cool. Each unit is sized according to how much heat it can remove from a home in an hour. An HVAC contractor is able to properly measure your home and determine the best HVAC system for your air conditioning needs. HVAC air conditioning systems that are bigger in capacity are more costly than smaller units.

HVAC Contractors from Trusted HVAC Companies

Another important component in deciding on the best HVAC system for your home is finding a trusted and affordable HVAC contractor. There are several HVAC companies that can offer you a good HVAC system, but not all have qualified HVAC contractors with up-to-date training on the latest technological advancements in air conditioners.

AC Unit Options

When trying to decide on the best HVAC system for your home there are other options to consider, such as:

  • The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), measures the unit's ability to cool a home divided by the electricity used. Today's air conditioners have a SEER rating between 13 and 27 SEER. The best HVAC systems have a higher SEER rating for increased efficiency.
  • Quieter performing systems also affect the price of HVAC air conditioning systems. The quieter the unit, the higher the price, but systems that produce lower decibels allow for a quieter home.

The contractor performing the HVAC installation and the type of system you choose determines the expense of a new AC unit. Estes Services has been in the HVAC industry for close to 70 years with affordable products and trusted technicians. Call us today for all your HVAC installation and HVAC air conditioning needs!