Is your AC unit safe from copper thieves?

Is your AC unit safe from copper thieves?

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For residents in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, protecting your air conditioning unit from copper thieves is a real concern! The copper is desired by thieves to sell to scrapping companies. It is rather easy for culprits to sell the copper since scrapping companies do not have to know where the scraps came from. Here are some different ways to protect your central air unit and prevent future expenses for damaged heat and air conditioners.

Additional Lighting

By adding lighting to the area surrounding your outside central air unit, you can discourage thieves from prowling around your system. Thieves typically avoid areas where there is bright light so investing in some lighting could be advantageous for homeowners in Atlanta.

Additional Fencing

This is the best way to prevent theft of heating and air conditioning units. There are pre-fab cages or you can invest in a custom-made fence. With a cage or fence, your central AC unit is still able to breath while being protected day and night. You will want to make sure the cage you install doesn't prevent airflow for your indoor air conditioning or gather leaves and debris around the unit. These things will cause your indoor air conditioning system to not operate efficiently and increase your energy bills.

Add Visibility

Removing any trees, bushes, or shrubbery from around your heating and air conditioning unit increases visibility. When a unit is left out in the open, thieves are less likely to tamper with it for fear of being seen. Removing any type of landscaping around a unit can also increase the efficiency of your indoor air conditioner. The whole system and the air filter are less likely to develop dust, dirt, or leaves inside the system.

Other Options

Aside from adding extra lighting, a fence or cage, or removing visual obstructions from your HVAC unit, there are a few other options that can offer protection against theft of your AC unit and its copper:

  • Lock the disconnect box so the power can't be switched off by thieves during an attempted robbery.
  • Install security cameras near the unit just so you can have evidence to aid in the capture of the culprits who stole or attempted to steal your unit.
  • Lock property fences or gates to deter anyone from coming on your property.
  • Install tamper-resistant screws to make access more difficult.

All of these options are great for reducing your chances of becoming a victim of copper theft from your heating and air conditioning unit. If you are unsure which option would be the best fit for your home, family life, or budget, call Estes Services today! We can provide you with more information and certified professionals who can assist you with protecting your current system.