It’s Not Supposed To Rain From My Ceiling Right?

It’s Not Supposed To Rain From My Ceiling Right?

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Are you suddenly experiencing water leaking from above?  Unfortunately, water leaking through your ceiling is a huge warning to a plumbing problem.  Once you confirm the leak is due to your pipes, you should call a plumbing company near you to schedule plumbing services to resolve the problem.  If you live in or near the Atlanta area, Estes Services offers affordable, reliable, and honest plumbing professionals to assist with whatever type of issue you are experiencing.  

Frozen Pipes

A leaking pipe in the ceiling is often due to frozen pipes.  Pipes exposed to freezing temperatures are bound to expand and extreme pressure builds in the lines.  Once the pressure becomes too much, the pipes will burst, causing a mess.  The best option is to locate a plumbing company near you and schedule plumbing services immediately.  A plumber will have to perform a leaking pipe repair and replace any damaged pipes.  

Broken Pipes

Pipes that are damaged begin to leak – that leak causes water damage through your ceiling.  Burst pipes need to be dealt with immediately with a leaking pipe repair from a licensed plumber.  If damaged pipes go unchecked for too long, they can cause even more damage to the surrounding area.  A small leak can indicate a burst pipe, or a great gush of water can indicate a burst pipe.  Diagnosing the problem on your own can be tricky. The sooner a leaking pipe repair is performed the less likely any long-term damage is done to your home.

Prevention Methods

Aside from keeping a watchful eye on your home’s plumbing, you can also have an annual inspection done on your home’s plumbing system.  This plumbing service allows a plumber to identify the vulnerable areas in your plumbing.  A plumber will also check the plumbing lines in areas that aren’t heated to prevent pipes from freezing in the future.  Trusted plumbing companies near you will provide affordable options for insulation and pipe sleeves for pipes exposed to the colder temperatures.

Don’t wait until it’s too late with a troublesome leak.  Call Estes Services and schedule to have one of our plumbing specialists to come out, assess the situation, and perform a leaking pipe repair if necessary.