Just Say No To Pests With An HVAC Inspection

Just Say No To Pests With An HVAC Inspection

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Before heading into winter, homeowners around the Atlanta area should invest in a specific kind of HVAC repair known as an inspection.  Rodents, small animals, and insects start to invade heating and air systems during the summer.  They build nests and try to make their winter home inside your HVAC system.  Now is the time to act and get rid of those unwanted pests!

The Inconvenience of Pests

Pests can become a challenge for most homeowners. The most common problems caused by pests are:

Damage to your home and your HVAC system:

  • When different kinds of pests invade your home, they can destroy wooden furnishings and structures.  Small animals enjoy crawling throughout air conditioning units and the ductwork in homes.  They create nests for the winter and leave behind urine and feces.  Proper HVAC installation is the best way to ensure everything is sealed correctly, preventing future pests from getting inside your system and home.

Reduced indoor air quality:

  • Rodents and insects carry contaminants into your home that are spread throughout your central heating and air system.  They bring viruses and bacteria that can infect your family.  Pests also transfer debris and other allergens via the air supply and cause your air filter to work harder to keep your air clean.

What Does An Inspection Include?

An inspection on your central heating and air system can be performed during any HVAC service call.  Your system can also be inspected when you have regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance throughout the year.  Three common areas are checked during an inspection or HVAC service call:

  • Checking the outdoor unit and clearing away any debris from rodents, insects, and the elements.  This area can become overgrown by grass and weeds – help your technician access the area for HVAC maintenance by keeping it clear.
  • Cleaning the ductwork will eliminate any debris and allergens brought on from pests.  This type of HVAC service is performed routinely during preventative HVAC maintenance.
  • Sealing the central heating and air unit’s vents, flues, and ducts prevent pests from invading your system in the first place.

Don’t get caught with a pest infestation! Call Estes Services and schedule an HVAC repair to get your unit inspected thoroughly.