New Year, New Atlanta Bathroom Sink Faucets

New Year, New Atlanta Bathroom Sink Faucets

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The new year is a time many of us choose to make improvements. Enhance the look of your bathrooms with the help of Estes Services’ skilled plumbing team! Upgrading your bathroom sink faucets gives your Atlanta bathroom an updated look without the major expense of renovations.

These upgrades in your bathroom will help you gain a fresh look:

Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom sink faucets are an eye-catching feature in your bathroom – are they grabbing attention for the right reasons? Outdated bathroom sink faucets may be more than out of style.

After so many years of service, they may not be performing optimally, as well, leading to wasteful water leaks. Faucets leaking at a rate of one drip per second lead to over 3,000 gallons of water waste each year! Think about that the next time droughts are in the news.

Upgrading your bathroom sink faucets give your sink and vanity space a fresh, new look. There are so many options to choose. Bathroom fixtures have a variety of finishes available to match existing hardware throughout the room. Convert from a one-handled faucet to a two-handled model or vice versa. Change the style or finish, or upgrade to automatic bathroom sink faucets to reduce water waste and save money on your utility bills.

With the help of our skilled plumbing team, bathroom sink faucets upgrades are simple! We offer a number of hardware options so you can find the right fit for the look and functionality for you.

Professional installation by our licensed plumbers guarantees your new bathroom sink faucets will perform properly.


Upgrading your home’s showerheads can give you a luxurious and efficient bathing experience! As with bathroom sink faucets, there are seemingly countless fixture options for you to choose.

Different shapes, finishes, spray patterns and flow styles, such as rain or waterfall, allow you to customize your showerhead for looks and preferences.

Estes Services’ plumbing experts can help you turn your existing shower into a spa experience by installing a new, custom shower system.

Combine wall-mounted body spray heads with overhead showerheads for an invigorating shower experience. Relocate your existing showerhead, convert between wall- and ceiling-mounted showerheads, and even install his and hers showerheads to customize everyone’s shower experience.


Toilets are another fixture, much like bathroom sink faucets, which sometimes date the appearance of your bathroom. Not only are older toilets outdated in their look, but also in their efficiency.

Toilets make up approximately 45 percent of all residential indoor water use. In addition, models made prior to 1994 consume thousands of gallons of water more each year than new low-flow, high-efficiency toilets.

Installing a new toilet is easy with the assistance of our licensed plumbers. The Estes Services plumbing team will help you select a new toilet which fits the look and footprint of your bathroom while offering great efficiency and water savings.

Many colors and styles are available, with high and low profiles to offer the comfort your family needs.

Estes Services Has the Plumbers You Need for New Bathroom Sink Faucets in Atlanta

New year, new look for your bathrooms! Upgrade your bathroom sink faucets and other fixtures with the help of Estes Services’ plumbing pros.

Contact us today to learn more about replacing your home’s bathroom fixtures.

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