Packaged HVAC Unit Basics for Metro Atlanta

Packaged HVAC Unit Basics for Metro Atlanta

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The heating and cooling universe is vast and includes everything from ductless mini-split air conditioners to central heating and air systems to packaged HVAC units. It’s common to be more familiar with the first two, as they are present in residential applications.

Packaged HVAC units, however, are used in both residential and commercial formats. If you’d like to know more, we’ll cover the basics in this blog including the types of packaged HVAC units, how they work and what types of businesses or buildings make the best candidates.

Types of Packaged HVAC Units

First, using an air conditioner as an example, a packaged HVAC unit encloses all the important components within a single casing. The cooling coil, air handler, air filter and compressor nest inside one metal housing and is assembled at the factory.

In some cases, these are made with heat strip elements. In warmer climates which rarely experience chilly temperatures, it draws on the back-up heat as needed. Other examples of packaged heating and cooling units include:

Packaged Heat Pumps. Just like a residential heat pump, it extracts heat from indoors and pumps it outdoors to cool the building. It reverses the process and brings heat from outdoors in to warm inside occupants during colder months.

Packaged Gas-Electric. This packaged HVAC hybrid combines gas-furnace heating with electric-powered air conditioning.

Packaged Dual-Fuel. Similar to the gas-electric, this packaged HVAC unit both heats and cools. Instead of an air conditioner/furnace combo, it combines a heat pump with a gas furnace. This allows the system to tailor the heating source to the weather conditions.

How a Packaged HVAC Unit Works

Depending on the internal mechanism, it’s similar to any other unit of its type. The hybrid and dual-fuel options are a little different from what a layperson may know in a residential setting.

For example, in warmer climates where heating is less needed, like Atlanta, a packaged air conditioner makes a lot of sense. Similar to a residential heat pump, however, it can make use of the electric heat strips during the lowest temperature days.

In Atlanta, we experience a lot of yo-yo temperatures. The day may start chilly but warm up in the afternoon before a thunderstorm moves in and drops the mercury again. This is when the dual-fuel HVAC package units shine.

The option to use either fuel allows the packaged HVAC unit to draw on the most efficient fuel source at the time. This ultimately reduces your energy consumption and saves you money.

Who Uses Packaged HVAC Units?

Many buildings find a packaged heating and air unit fits their needs. They range from office buildings to schools, churches, restaurants and other spaces where indoor space is at a premium.

Estes Commercial is Your Packaged HVAC Source in Atlanta, Georgia

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