Prevent Emergency Heating and Air Repairs During the Holidays

Prevent Emergency Heating and Air Repairs During the Holidays

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In Atlanta, our weather is still relatively mild as we approach the winter holiday season. However, it can dip suddenly, and it’s best to be prepared. Don’t let a heating and air emergency ruin a fun time with friends and family. Take these simple precautions to stay warm and cozy. If you need 24-hour heating repair service in Atlanta, be sure to call Estes Services. We’re available for urgent needs 24/7.

Quick Heating and Air Preparation Review

Whether you use a heat pump or a furnace to heat your home, we encourage regular maintenance. Preventative service benefits you in many ways, including better energy efficiency and reliability.

When you schedule heating and air service with Estes Services, you will enjoy the expertise of our NATE-certified technicians. When one of our licensed HVAC technicians performs service, he or she inspects your heating and air equipment thoroughly. He or she looks for any signs of distress, such as excess wear and tear.

When your tech identifies red flags, he or she may recommend a change in usage or a repair. If signs point to a major repair or imminent breakdown, he or she will notify you and provide options.

At Estes Services, we care about more than your comfort and energy bills. We care about your safety. A heating and air system with electrical issues, leaky ducts, or excessive debris near an ignition source threatens your safety.

If the problem lies with faulty or worn-out equipment, your technician will note it. For example, your thermostat may communicate poorly with your heating and air system, or it may deliver faulty readings. If this is occurring, your technician may refer you to a newer thermostat model to improve your energy usage, comfort, and safety.

As part of the service, your technician will test, clean, and lubricate all relevant components. If your air filter is due for a change, he or she will take care of it.

Heating and Air Use Reminders

Just like in summer, don’t wildly adjust your thermostat. Lower or raise the temperature a few degrees at a time. This will give your heating and air equipment a chance to adapt at a reasonable pace. Think of jogging a 5K race, compared to a three-mile sprint. Rapid changes contribute to equipment strain. If you have an older system or one in need of frequent repairs, this could become the reason it finally quits.

Change your air filter regularly, and keep your exterior unit free from debris. Both precautions contribute to the healthy airflow that your heating and air system requires. Obstructions force your HVAC system to work harder.

If you have rooms you rarely use in your home, do not close vents or keep doors shut to them. Many homeowners think this saves on utility bills. Actually, this tactic creates an imbalance of pressure and temperature in your house. Your heating and air system strains itself to correct it. Leave vents and doors open to allow normal airflow.  

Save Headaches with Maintenance From Estes Services

One of the easiest ways to prevent inconvenient heating and air repair emergencies is to invest in a maintenance agreement with Estes Services. We offer agreements for your heating and air, plumbing, and electrical systems. We even have one dedicated to your whole house!

Pricing varies, depending on your specific appliances and needs. We can tailor the agreement to you. Questions? Call us – we’re happy to walk through your options.

Finally, if you do need emergency repair or replacement of your heating and air equipment, we’re happy to help. Remember, our technicians and installers are available for urgent service every hour of every day.

Call us if you need help. If you need to replace your HVAC system, we offer financing to expedite the process. We want you and your family to be comfortable and safe in your home. Happy Holidays from Estes Services!