Reduce HVAC System Maintenance with Proper Attic Ventilation

Reduce HVAC System Maintenance with Proper Attic Ventilation

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Attics in the South tend to stay hot, even when the temperature dips, so effective attic ventilation is important to your HVAC system. It can significantly reduce the wear and tear and maintenance needed in the short and long term.

Ensuring your attic is properly ventilated will help your HVAC system’s performance and reduce the stress it experiences throughout the winter. Let’s review a few reasons why attic ventilation needs to be high on your priority list.

When you’re ready to take charge, Estes Services will help you with NATE-certified technicians and professional service.

Why is Attic Ventilation So Important?

The three most important reasons why attic ventilation is essential to your home are energy efficiency, moisture reduction and structural integrity. Your HVAC system works hard to keep your home at ideal temperatures. When your attic remains hot throughout the year, it interferes with your HVAC unit’s ability to maintain those temperatures.

In the summer, your air conditioner experiences added stress when trying to keep your attic cool. The opposite happens in the winter. Your heating system doesn’t properly heat the rest of your home when the attic temperatures are consistently high. A correctly-ventilated attic in the winter will draw in cool air and allow hot air to escape.

You might be aware of how a consistently high temperature in your attic affects the structure of your home. It compromises the layer of material underneath your roofing shingles. It dries out and makes them brittle. Therefore, the buildup of heat in your attic prematurely ages your roofing materials.

Moisture is another major problem of a poorly ventilated attic. It accumulates in your attic and without a means to escape, the moisture damages the attic’s insulation.

How Estes Services Helps Your Ventilation System

Our NATE-certified experts will help you determine the best method to increase or decrease the ventilation in your attic. The ideal attic has equal amounts of air coming in and going out. Common ways we improve your attic ventilation include:

  • Install or boost attic insulation
  • Seal air ducts
  • Install and maintain of attic fans
  • Seal your home’s thermal envelope

Attic fans help draw cooler outside air into your attic through the vents. They also push the hot air back outside, leaving your attic cooler. Schedule service for your HVAC system and ask our technicians to inspect your attic ventilation.

Our licensed HVAC techs will suggest the best ways to improve your ventilation. When airflow improves, your HVAC system performs more efficiently, saves you money and increases your comfort.

Help your HVAC system with improved attic ventilation during the cooler months. You will enjoy lower energy bills and increased comfort year-round when your attic’s under control. Contact Estes Services to schedule service for your HVAC system today.