Replace Light with Fans for Atlanta HVAC System Efficiency

Replace Light with Fans for Atlanta HVAC System Efficiency

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An Atlanta home’s HVAC system moves air throughout the entire home whether it’s heating the house or cooling it. There are some methods, such as using ceiling fans, to enhance the HVAC system’s efficiency.

A ceiling fan optimizes the heating and cooling of the room and reduces energy costs. Estes Services is here to help every homeowner increase the efficiency of their HVAC system, including replacing a ceiling fan!

How Do HVAC Systems and Ceiling Fans Work Together?

Ceiling fans have a switch to changes the direction of the blades’ rotation. One position moves the blades in a counterclockwise direction. This position is used in the summer and circulates the cool air down to the floor.  

The second position moves the blades in a clockwise direction and pushes the warm air at the ceiling level out and down to the lower part of the room. The ceiling fan doesn’t generate heat but moves the warmer air down where occupants can enjoy it.

Both of these settings support the HVAC system. You will be able to adjust the thermostat, either four degrees up in the summer or two to three degrees down in the winter. Ceiling fans help to cool the room in the summer and heat the room in the winter.

Tips For Using Ceiling Fans in Greater Atlanta

When using a ceiling fan in the winter, use the lowest setting. The air is just circulating from the top of the room to the bottom unlike in the summer where the higher speeds produce a wind-chill effect.

Turn off the fan when no one is in the room. The warming benefits of using a ceiling fan are only beneficial if someone is in the room, otherwise, its use wastes energy. The exception to this rule is if the thermostat is in the room with the fan, then the consistency can help the thermostat determine the real temperature of the room.

If you have an open stairway, install a ceiling fan at the top. A high ceiling fan redistributes the warm air as it rises to the second floor and pushes it back to the main level. The size of the fan makes a difference in energy consumed and distributed. Many are ENERGY STAR-rated for maximum efficiency.

Additional Options to Maximize the HVAC System’s Efficiency

  • Change the filter on the HVAC system once every two to three months.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. These thermostats can replace a regular thermostat and raise or lower the heating and cooling in the home when everyone is gone or asleep.  
  • Install a zoned HVAC system. Zoned HVAC systems allow the homeowner to control different zones of the house creating precise comfort levels and reducing energy costs.
  • Regular maintenance will ensure the HVAC system continues to run efficiently throughout the year. A tune-up will include a complete inspection and possible repairs.

Estes Services – Your Atlanta HVAC System Experts

No matter what you do to improve your HVAC system, include the help of our professionals at Estes Services.  Our NATE-certified technicians are waiting to help meet all of your HVAC needs. Contact Estes Services today! We serve communities throughout greater Atlanta, including Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Druid Hills, Fayetteville, Johns Creek and Dunwoody.