See These Signs When Buying a New Home…Call a Plumber or Run!

See These Signs When Buying a New Home…Call a Plumber or Run!

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Buying a home is expensive and you don’t want to purchase one that will need expensive plumbing work in the future. A home’s plumbing is considered the guts of the house. Before you buy a new home, check out these common plumbing problem signs. If you notice these signs when buying a house, call Estes Services! We can give you an idea of what could cause the issue and an idea of the cost to fix the plumbing problem.

Common Signs Pointing to Plumbing Trouble

Before you buy, check out every area of your potential new home. Check the basement, attic, and crawl space for signs of water damage. There could be water stains on walls and ceilings in any room in a home, which points to water damage. Also inspect:

  • The water heater to see how old it is. A water heater replacement can run you between $600 to $2,000. They last about 10 years but dampness, corrosion, and lack of hot water are signs that the water heater is too old. An old water heater can bottom out and flood your home, causing expensive water damage in the future.
  • The toilet can have a water leak if it is constantly running. A toilet water leak can happen at its base or from the tank. Check to see if there is any damage around the toilet or discoloration. If the toilet bowl wiggles when you move it or if the floor is soft around it, a water leak could be present. Leaking toilets can rot through the floor if they goes unchecked for too long.
  • A clogged drain can be caused by many things and is common in every home. Check the drain for any leaks by running the water for a few minutes. If the sink drains fast, no clogs are present. Clogged drains can be easy fixes with the help of a plumber. Clogged drains that aren’t cleared can lead to broken pipes throughout your home’s plumbing system.
  • Poorly installed water pipes are another sign that a home might not be worth the price. If you notice pinhole leaks, worn piping, or corroded joints, you may have a problem. A plumber can check for galvanized pipes or broken pipes that could lead to future problems. A plumber also can insulate the pipes to prevent these issues from happening after purchasing a new home.

Buy your home with confidence by checking the suggestions above. Estes Services has plumbers standing by that will assist you with questions and help you in case of a water leak or broken pipe. Call us today to schedule a plumbing service call.