Should I Insulate My Home’s Hot Water Pipes?

Should I Insulate My Home’s Hot Water Pipes?

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Having access to hot water is critical to homes everywhere. One of the best ways to make sure that you readily have access to hot water is by insulating your hot water pipes. Choosing to insulate the hot water pipes in your home can increase the water temperature by up to 4º F.

With an increase in your home’s water temperature, you’ll have quicker access to the hot water itself. You’ll no longer have to sit by the shower waiting for it to heat up. Instead, you’ll find that the water is heated much quicker than it was before. When it’s time for your home to consider the benefits of hot water pipe insulation, contact a team of plumbing professionals.

Benefits of Hot Water Pipe Insulation

Quicker Access to Hot Water

Nobody likes waiting for minutes on end for the shower to heat up before jumping in. When you decide to insulate your pipes, you’ll lower the amount of time it takes to heat your shower up to your liking. 

Energy and Water Conservation

Insulated water pipes aim to keep the flowing water much warmer than non-insulated pipes will. This allows your water to be heated very quickly after you’ve turned your faucet on. Rather than waiting for the water to heat up and seeing gallons of unused water flow down the drain, you can use hot water quicker.

In addition to helping the environment, you’ll also save on your water bill. Although the initial investment might cost you more upfront, you should see long-term savings as you begin to use less water than ever before.

Less Strain on Your Water Heater

Insulating water pipes keeps the hot water in your pipes warmer for longer periods of time. With this, your water heater won’t have to raise the water temperature as significantly. With less energy being exerted by your water heater, less strain will be put on the unit, lengthening its lifespan and decreasing the amount of repairs in the future.

Hot Water Pipe Insulation

Installing hot water pipe insulation can be done to your existing pipes without too much disturbance. You’ll see the benefits occur almost immediately. We believe that the cost of insulating the pipes is greatly worth the benefits.

Contact Estes for Hot Water Pipe Insulation

For water pipe insulation that you can trust, contact Estes Services today. Our team can provide your home with the attention and respect that you deserve, no matter the size or scale of the project.