Smart Buildings Paired with Smart Heating and Air Technology

Smart Buildings Paired with Smart Heating and Air Technology

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Heating and Air Technology, Efficient HVAC systems, Smart Thermostats and More for Your Business

The heating and air industry continues to advance at a rapid pace, leading to new technology designed to improve energy efficiency and offer enhanced functionality. This heating and air technology can be harnessed in the workplace to improve the performance of your facility, along with the comfort of all indoors.

The HVAC solutions below help commercial facilities lower energy consumption and operational costs while boosting comfort and performance.

Efficient Heating and Air Systems

New commercial heating and air systems offer higher energy efficiency ratings than older, aging systems still in place in many facilities across the country. Simply replacing these outdated, underperforming systems generates significant savings for a business. New heating and air units meet existing commercial building efficiency standards and offer a variety of features to deliver better performance and control over energy consumption, such as:

  • Adjustable speed drives
  • Multi-stage air volume supply fans
  • Energy recovery ventilation
  • Electronically commutated motors

Smart Thermostats for “Smart” Heating and Air

Smart thermostats are a newer technology and deliver nearly effortless heating and cooling within a building. Unlike programmable thermostats which must be manually set around a facility’s schedule, a smart thermostat, in many ways, “learns” the heating and air needs of a facility and makes adjustments automatically.

It detects occupant habits and preferences and monitors environmental factors via connected sensors. Then, it uses this information to adjust heating and cooling systems. This delivers ideal comfort levels under energy efficient operation.

Smart thermostats are a valuable tool for energy savings and protecting heating and air systems. Via the connected app, users access energy consumption data, see usage spikes, and evaluate usage to further identify consumption reduction measures.

Smart thermostats also monitor the HVAC equipment for usage spikes. This indicates performance issues and alerts the user if a technician is needed. These systems also help the user stay on top of maintenance tasks, such as filter changes.

Heating and Air Automation Controls

When you pair commercial heating and cooling systems with automation controls, it enhances the functionality and efficiency of HVAC equipment. Controls regulate heating and air production based on occupancy, environmental factors and energy-efficiency goals. With high-performance HVAC controls, a facility’s heating and cooling systems work reliably and efficiently during the less than ideal conditions.

Building automation controls for heating and cooling equipment deliver enhanced control over HVAC system usage and indoor comfort. These systems can also be used to control a building’s lighting, further managing energy use and controlling costs.

Systems can be programmed to operate around a business’s occupancy or production schedule for increased savings. Building automation systems can be accessed and adjusted remotely for convenience. These systems collect data regarding a facility’s energy use and consumption. This information is used to make system upgrade decisions in the future and set goals for further energy consumption reduction.

Learn More About Smart Heating and Air Technology for Your Business

Incorporating smart heating and cooling technology in your facility greatly improves performance and potential savings. Estes Commercial will match you with cost-effective, high-performance solutions to help you meet your energy goals. Contact us today to learn more.