Summer Guests Are Here! Ready Your AC with an HVAC Service Plan

Summer Guests Are Here! Ready Your AC with an HVAC Service Plan

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Summer has arrived and with it comes holidays and festivities bringing your loved ones together. Whether you are celebrating Father’s Day, Juneteenth, or Fourth of July, your home needs to be a cool place for friends and family to socialize and escape the heat of the great outdoors. Use an HVAC service plan to keep your system from breaking down unexpectedly when guests arrive. It is not only an inconvenience but a major expense.

Estes Services wants your summer activities and get-togethers to be filled with fun and laughter, not stress and tears. Invest in an HVAC service plan to prevent surprise malfunctions and give you peace of mind when the party is in full swing. We offer a few different options so you can pick the one which fits your budget and HVAC needs on a regular basis.

Experience Fewer Breakdowns with an HVAC Service Plan

All of our heating and cooling technicians are NATE-certified, which guarantees they are the best in the industry. With on-going training and extensive knowledge on the job, technicians at Estes Services know precisely what to do during HVAC maintenance. An HVAC service plan ensures the components in your unit are thoroughly cleaned, all moving parts are lubricated and all electrical wiring is inspected.  

Catching and diagnosing problems early prevent expensive repairs when you least expect them. We will repair or replace damaged components during service and offer suggestions on the best ways to handle preventing breakdowns later in the summer. You can relax and enjoy time with your family without worrying about every noise your HVAC unit makes.

Prolong Your AC Unit’s life with an HVAC Service Plan

Catching problems early and repairing them right away keeps your heating and cooling system operating longer. An HVAC service plan allows our technicians to reduce the signs of wear and tear on your air conditioning unit. This keeps your unit operating efficiently and maximizes its lifespan. Maintaining your current system saves you money by not purchasing a new heating and cooling unit before you are ready.

Enjoy Healthy Indoor Air

Taking care of a heating and cooling system on a regular basis with an HVAC service plan will keep you and your guests healthy while indoors. Maintenance by a licensed professional from Estes Services will check and replace the filter if it is dirty or clogged. The filter is essential for trapping and eliminating debris, dust, and other particulates floating around your home. Your indoor air quality will improve, and you may experience fewer doctor visits during the summer.

Save Energy and Money with an HVAC Service Plan

An HVAC service plan ensures your unit will perform at its best, regardless of the weather outside. Higher performance means your system will experience increased energy efficiency. When the temperatures spike and the humidity is unbearable, your heating and cooling equipment will keep your home comfortable without increasing your energy bill. The money you save can be used for a last-minute vacation or on something more important for your family.

Prepare for your summer festivities by purchasing an HVAC service plan from a trusted and local heating and cooling company. Estes Services offers different HVAC service plans for various budgets. Discover the benefits you will enjoy with regular maintenance from our experienced, NATE-certified technicians. Contact Estes Services today to find out more!