Summer Storms Are Here – Can Your Plumbing Handle It?

Summer Storms Are Here – Can Your Plumbing Handle It?

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For Atlanta homeowners, hurricane season is a time to prepare for the onslaught of heavy rain and severe thunderstorms. Estes Services wants to help you learn to improve your plumbing, and we offer plumbing services to keep your home safe.

There are several preventative actions you can take, starting with scheduling drain clearing. Call Estes Services today and let us help you “weather the storms” with ease.

Learn About Sump Pumps, Drain Clearing and More Plumbing Services

Deciding what courses of action to take before the rain hits can be intimidating and overwhelming. Don’t worry, we can help you deal with Mother Nature’s wrath. There are different ways to reduce the chance of flooding in your home and on your property, such as:

  • Check Your Sump Pump: Basements can flood easily during heavy rain. Sump pumps are designed to pump flooded water out of areas below ground, such as a basement. Properly working sump pumps work fine during times of flooding; however, a malfunction in your sump pump may allow expensive damage in your home.

    Check your sump pump by pouring water directly into the crock. If the sump pump is working correctly, it will kick on and start pumping water out. During this test, you will notice if the pipes designed to drain the water are free of clogs. If the sump pump doesn’t turn on or the pipes appear clogged, call Estes Services to have your pump checked.

  • Schedule Drain Clearing Service: When the heavy rain hits, it has to drain properly to a clear space. Your storm drains are a major player in preventing flooding in your yard. Estes Services offers drain clearing services to ensure your drains are free of debris and anything with the potential to form a clog.

    During service, our plumbing professionals will inspect the vent pipes for any obstructions, too. It’s common for debris to build up after heavy rain, which can cause your plumbing to back up into your yard or home later.

  • Clear Gutters and Downspouts: Your gutters and downspouts are responsible for carrying water off your roof and depositing it safely away from your home’s foundation. Debris, such as leaves, bird nests and twigs, will accumulate inside your gutters.

    This prevents flowing water to effectively run off, leaving you open to damage to your roof, siding and foundation. After a heavy rain or before one arrives, safely check your gutters and downspouts for anything blocking them. If you notice anything, clear the obstruction and save yourself water damage down the road.

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Keep your home, furnishings and loved ones safe by taking preventative steps before storms hit this summer. Call Estes Services for drain clearing services today. Our plumbing professionals will ensure your home is ready for the heavy rains coming.