Top Emergency Heating Repairs to Prepare for During the Holidays

Top Emergency Heating Repairs to Prepare for During the Holidays

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Don’t get caught needing emergency HVAC repairs this holiday season! Get your furnace operating at its best before the cold weather sets in. Heating systems can benefit from a last minute emergency Atlanta heating service call, too.  Estes Services is able to help residents in and around Atlanta, regardless of the type of heating and cooling emergency.

Low Humidity

During the holidays, it is typical to experience extremely dry air in your home. Estes Services will inspect the humidity control in your heating and cooling system to ensure proper operation during the cold weather. We also have several options for humidifiers that can be installed to work with your current heating and cooling system. Schedule an emergency HVAC maintenance call if humidity levels are lacking, to see what your humidity level is at and make adjustments to add moisture to your indoor air.

Furnace Filter

An emergency HVAC maintenance call can also clean or replace your filter. Your filter can become dirty or even extremely clogged from the summer to winter and leave you with poor indoor air quality. When your system’s filtration system is compromised, it can lead to unexpected breakdowns, which require an emergency HVAC repair.  

Duct Leaks

Leaks inside your air ducts can be another pesky heating and cooling repair that may be needed during the holidays. When your air conditioner and furnace runs, the air can escape from the ductwork and the cool or warm air is lost, increasing energy consumption and energy bills. An emergency HVAC repair can find and seal any leaks that might be in your ductwork and inspect your weather stripping and caulking at your windows and doors.  

Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat can be a contributing factor for furnace issues with faulty readings. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature to a certain setting for different times of the day. When your thermostat is malfunctioning, it can give false readings to your furnace or air conditioner, causing your heating and cooling system to operate harder and longer than necessary.  

Prevent future heating and cooling repairs with emergency HVAC maintenance from our skilled technicians. Estes Services is standing by for all your Atlanta emergency heating repair needs over the holidays.  Contact us today!