Water Heaters Want to Stay Warm too

Water Heaters Want to Stay Warm too

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Are you tired of taking cold showers or washing your dishes with cold water? Invest and install a water heater blanket! A blanket creates an energy efficient water heater without breaking the bank and saves you money in the long run. Estes Services can set you up quickly with a water heater blanket. All you have to do is call, then watch your energy bill decrease every month!

Water Heater Blanket Features:

Insulating your water heater with a blanket can reduce heat loss between 25% to 45% according to the U.S. Department of Energy. They also report you can save between 7% and 16% annually on your water heating bill. Those savings are outstanding when you consider the small cost of installing a water heater blanket.

Benefits of a Water Heater Blanket:

  • Energy Use: Energy savings are a significant benefit to a water heater blanket for your unit. The blanket creates a more energy efficient water heater by preventing heat from escaping. An energy efficient water heater is not only good for you and your wallet, it is good for the environment. A water heater blanket drastically reduces the amount of energy consumed in your home.
  • Convenience: Blankets strengthen energy efficient water heaters for added convenience for your entire home, allowing your water heater to retain heat better and heat more quickly. With a more reliable water heater, you’ll have more hot water for showers, to wash dishes, and do laundry.
  • Cost: Regardless of the initial cost involved with purchasing a water heater blanket and having it installed, you still save money in the long run. The blanket causes the water heater to retain heat since the heat is trapped by the blanket. The powerful insulation of the blanket will prevent wasted energy and save you money every month on your energy bill. Without a blanket, your water heater loses heat rapidly off the tank and forces your water heater to continue generating heat, wasting more energy and money.

Get the most energy efficiency out of your water heater to save energy and money! Call Estes Services to find out more about insulating your water heater. Our professionals will assist you with buying the right blanket for your heater at an affordable price!