Why Is There a Sewer Smell Coming from My Toilet?

Why Is There a Sewer Smell Coming from My Toilet?

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Homeowners deal with all types of random smells inside their homes, but nothing will have you reaching for the air freshener quicker than a sewer smell! When you notice a sewer smell coming from your toilet or bathroom, it could be indicative of a few different problems. We recommend that you call a plumber to come and take a look to determine what the best course of action is for your home!

Causes of a Sewer Smell in the Bathroom

If you’ve noticed a sewage odor coming from your toilet, you likely want to put a stop to it as soon as possible. However, it’s also important to find what is causing the sewer smell in the first place to keep it from happening again. Common causes of sewer smells coming from your plumbing include:

Sewage Backup

A sewage backup is a serious issue that must be dealt with by a professional. Usually caused by floods or burst pipes, you’ll usually notice accompanying signs like your sink or toilets gurgling. If you notice these signs, in addition to a rancid sewer smell, contact a professional plumber immediately.

Broken Seal

Your toilet has to attach to a drain in order to properly work and flush through the pipes. If the seal attaching the toilet to the drain is loose or was installed improperly, it can cause a sewage smell. The connection to the drainage pipes will need to be resecured by a professional plumber to ensure that the seal is properly reattached.

Pipe Installed Incorrectly

On top of producing a sewer smell, an improperly installed pipe won’t regulate the pressure of the attached plumbing system. A plumber should be called to the scene to make sure that the pipe is reattached properly and will not leak a sewer odor again in the future.

No matter which issue you think might be plaguing your bathroom, it’s critical that you get the opinion of a professional plumber to verify the cause and perform the fix.

Problems With Sewer Odors

Sewer smells can cause discomfort in your house, as you’re stuck with a disgusting sewer odor until the problem is resolved. However, sewer smells can be indicative of, or even cause, issues such as:

Rodents and Pests

Smells of sewer gases and waste attract rats, mice, and other rodents. A leak in your basement or yard will emit smells drawing pests onto your yard or into your house. If you notice increased rodent activity, call a plumbing professional to have your sewer lines serviced.

Standing Water

If the sewer smell is caused by a broken pipe, serious issues can occur. A sewer line break can occur when the pipe is corroded or when tree roots break through. The wastewater will leak upward to your yard, resulting in a damp spot with a sewer smell. Standing water or even a small amount of water in your yard and around your pipeline are strong signs your plumbing issue is coming from the sewer lines. Check to see if this might be the issue, and schedule plumbing service if you notice puddles around the sewer pipeline in your yard.  

Contact Estes for Plumbing Services

Whatever is causing that unpleasant sewer smell to leak into your home, contact the team at Estes to perform an inspection of your property and to determine the best course of action going forward. We’ll solve this problem and return your plumbing to normal.