Why Proper Ventilation and Air Distribution Matters

Why Proper Ventilation and Air Distribution Matters

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There is more to commercial HVAC than heating and cooling; proper ventilation and air distribution is a crucial part of the comfort and safety of the air in your Atlanta office, hospital, school or other commercial building.  

With any HVAC system, the air constantly moves through your building. As it conditions the air, your HVAC system removes particulates and moisture from it. Many people do not realize the impact proper ventilation and air distribution has on your space.

Sick Building Syndrome, or SBS, is a condition with physical symptoms but no clear cause. According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a major contributor is neglected and poorly maintained HVAC systems. The remedy has two parts: proper ventilation and air distribution.

Ventilation Basics

All buildings exchange air between the indoors and outdoors. This happens through leaks large and small. Air exchange also continually happens between low and high pressure. Air works to move from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure.

Buildings with multiple floors provide a good example of ventilation basics and the need for proper ventilation and air distribution.

As warm air rises, the ceiling of the highest floor is inevitably warmer than the lowest floor. The warm air is a higher pressure than the cooler outdoor air, so it moves up and out of the building.

The cooler air from lower floors in the building moves up to replace the lost air and maintain constant pressure in the building. This upward movement of air is called the stack effect.

The exchange of indoor air for fresh, outdoor air is called ventilation. This happens through the stack effect, open windows, or mechanically (using fans). Regardless of the method, the circulation of fresh outdoor air inside your building is important for the health of those who breathe it.

Air Distribution

In contrast to ventilation, which is how air enters and exits a building, air distribution controls how air is distributed within a building. Working together, proper ventilation and air distribution contribute to healthier, cleaner indoor air.

Most buildings use forced air systems to circulate heated and cooled air indoors. However, most systems and ducts leak. This happens over time as ductwork expands and contracts from season to season. This leaking is called infiltration.

Any unintentional movement between indoor and outdoor air is considered infiltration. Air cooled via your air conditioner leaks and is replaced with warm, humid outdoor air. The same applies to warm air from your furnace in the winter.

Buildings with older, systems often have more infiltration which drives up heating and cooling bills. Newer systems are more expensive to install but cost less to operate because they are more energy-efficient and have fewer leaks.

So, with more infiltration, you lose heating and cooling energy and indoor air quality goes down. Air quality is more than indoor pollution like dust, dander, pollen, mold and virus spores. In large buildings with many occupants, carbon dioxide (CO2), for example,  builds up and must be vented.

Demand Control Ventilation

Proper ventilation and air distribution use controls and sensors to detect levels. For example, Estes Commercial can create “Demand Control Ventilation.” Using controls, this monitors the CO2 level of the air.

As CO2 levels spike, the system brings in outside air for ventilation. If CO2 levels are low, the same controls close off the majority or all outside air to increase HVAC energy efficiency.

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If you own, operate or manage a facility or commercial property, proper air ventilation and distribution is vital to indoor air quality.

If you find your indoor air is uncomfortable or tenants complain of headaches and constant respiratory issues, have a professional from Estes Commercial take a look. We analyze your system and recommend improvements to improve your comfort, as well as save money in energy costs!

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