Commercial Ventilation in Atlanta, Georgia

Proper ventilation for your business is essential for the comfort and well-being of your employees and customers. Estes Services will assist you with all of your ventilation issues, including installation, repair and maintenance. Call us today and see which ventilation system is best for your building, such as exhaust fans and make-up air units. We will discuss your options and the benefits that go along with your choice of ventilation.


Why Your Business Needs Proper Ventilation

Healthy ventilation provides several advantages to your business and the people who interact daily inside your facility. Estes Services will install the best ventilation system for your business to control impurities, regulate airflow, prevent condensation from forming, produce even temperatures, and increase health benefits for your employees and customers. Contact us today and discover what your business needs to achieve maximum savings and healthy indoor air quality.

Commercial Make-Up Air Units

Certain businesses, such as medical facilities, schools, restaurants, and apartment buildings, need something that works for multi-level buildings to increase indoor air quality. With commercial make-up air units, they balance the air pressure between rooms while preventing odors from spreading from one area to another.

Another perk of the commercial make-up air unit is that it meets the mandated ventilation rates of ASHRAE. The make-up unit is direct-fired, and 100% of the energy used stays indoors. It also works to offset any negative pressure related to the building’s exhaust system. Problems that occur when negative air pressure is present:

  • Reduced heating and cooling efficiency
  • Cold drafts on lower levels
  • Faulty temperature readings
  • Increased energy costs for both heating and cooling
  • Doors are harder to open and close
  • Increased static electricity

Commercial Exhaust Fans

Ventilating your business can be achieved through commercial exhaust fans. Estes Services will determine if your current building will benefit from an exhaust fan and ensure the design and installation work with your current ductwork, or recommend upgrades when appropriate. Commercial exhaust fans are used to eliminate odors and improve indoor air quality.

Increase the indoor air quality for your employees and customers with commercial ventilation that works with your current ductwork. Contact Estes Services to have our NATE-certified professionals inspect your current heating and cooling system and offer the best solutions to ventilate your building.