Why Use Building Automation HVAC – What’s the Big Deal?

Why Use Building Automation HVAC – What’s the Big Deal?

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The benefits of building automation HVAC for commercial properties are extensive. However, many are unaware of the logistics of this kind of system. This article covers what building automation systems, or BAS, are and how commercial properties benefit from them. Estes Commercial in Atlanta, Georgia also goes into detail about how BAS helps businesses make important money-saving decisions.

What Are Building Automation Systems?

Building automation HVAC systems allow for greater control of the heating and cooling in commercial spaces. They also connect mechanical electronics and lighting systems in a building to preserve energy. The electronics include security systems, heating and cooling, and more. Building automation systems often increase safety and keep energy usage to a minimum. Customers monitor energy usage and other specs via BAS controls, which allows for real-time updates on the efficiency.

In the HVAC world, building automation HVAC is such a hot topic because of the money it saves facilities in energy usage. A BAS controls virtually every aspect of heating, cooling, and other essential systems to improve efficiency. Because automated systems are so controllable, you are able to designate which areas of the space receive more or less air based on how often the space is used, occupancy factors, as well as factors specific to production. This means money is no longer wasted heating and cooling rooms with no one in them.

Benefits of Commercial Building Automation HVAC

Even in the definition of building automation HVAC systems, the benefits are clear. The amount of money and energy commercial spaces save with BAS allows customers to focus on their business rather than their heating and cooling. These are the specific ways in which building automation benefits commercial spaces.

  • Lighting control. In sophisticated building automation HVAC systems, lighting control is a part of the system. Some wonder how lighting and HVAC go together, but it makes a lot of sense when you consider how much energy is wasted on lighting areas with no people. If the lights are connected to the automated system along with the HVAC equipment, less energy is wasted on heating, cooling, and lighting areas when unnecessary.
  • Comfortable workers. Comfortable workers are more productive than uncomfortable ones, which makes temperature control vastly important. The more control business owners have over the temperature in various zones on the property, the easier it is to ensure the comfort of workers. For example, if a restaurant utilizes BAS technology, the owner is able to provide the kitchen with more cold air than the seating areas. This keeps customers and cooks comfortable.
  • Increased security. When business owners are able to lock and unlock areas of the building with one device, the security improves overall. Building automation HVAC systems allow for security equipment to link with the system, which means the owner no longer needs to go to every door and window to lock up at closing. While we try to lock everything every single time, sometimes a door is left unlocked. With connected controls, lock and unlock all the doors at one time.
  • Occupancy adjustments. BAS allows for zoning to give greater control of the temperature. If there are areas in a commercial space where no one goes, the system doesn't provide air to that area. This saves energy, which saves money. Additionally, the system knows when to turn on and off. When the building shuts down for the day, the HVAC systems turn off.
  • Ultimate control and awareness. Lastly, having all of the HVAC systems, lighting, and security on one system allows for greater control and awareness of the entire building. This helps owners monitor data on energy usage for any period of time. Trends in usage are easier to spot when the equipment is controlled by one system so you are able to make more informed business decisions.

Estes Commercial: Building Automation HVAC

Estes Commercial in Atlanta, Georgia wants commercial spaces to benefit from building automation HVAC. Consider upgrading to BAS to have greater control over your commercial space. For more information on our services, give us a call.